Meet our Tutors

  • Mia (WC)

    Mia Noelle, frequently known as Mia, is a tutor at the Mt. SAC Writing Center and student journalist for the SACMedia publication. Growing up, libraries, which she believes is the birthplace for her love of reading, writing, and storytelling, were always a sanctuary for her. This passion for literature and community is what motivated Mia to major in English and work at the WC; the perfect place on campus that combines the two. During her free time, Mia likes to draw, stargaze, play the guitar, and song-write. A poem that remains very dear to Mia’s heart is Mary Oliver’s “Dogfish;” the poem contains a line that she personally lives by: “Mostly, I want to be kind.”

  • Sauda (WC)

    Sauda is a dedicated student who is currently pursuing a double major in biology and public health. She wants to transfer to UCSD or San Diego State and later attend medical school. Her wishes to work in the medical industry are due to her passion for helping others. Nevertheless, she has always had a soft spot for literature, and her love for it has extended beyond the classroom since she is a bibliophile, with a thirst for knowledge. For this reason, she has always enjoyed spreading that knowledge and helping others learn the true potential of their literature skills. When she is not immersed in her studies or helping others, Sauda enjoys collecting books, despite her limited shelf space.


  • Joseph (WC)

    Joseph is a first-year non-traditional student at Mt. SAC studying political science and philosophy. During his first semester in Higher Education, he received tutoring at the Writing Center for his English 1A class, and he enjoyed the environment and mission of the Writing Center so much that he decided he would try to work there and assist other students. Joseph enjoys playing computer games in his downtime (which there isn’t much of!), hiking, and staying busy on campus. He is active in multiple clubs around campus and plans to transfer to a 4-year after sufficiently contributing to Mt. SAC’s community and finishing his associates-to-transfer.

  • Anthony (TC)

    Anthony is currently attending Mt. San Antonio College and is majoring in Chicano Studies.  He plans on transferring to a university spring of 2024. Anthony had the chance to work with a tutor during his English 1c class and ever since he wanted to give back what was so freely given to him. Anthony has come from such a diverse background he feels the need to advocate for students that are in need of help. In his free time, Anthony enjoys attending guided meditation groups, playing softball, and enjoying the simple things live has to offer.

  • Megan (TC)

    Megan earned a B.A. in English from UCI, along with far more Shakespeare knowledge than she knows what to do with. In community college, Megan tutored for microeconomics and earth science, and at university she mentored writers in the video game development club. Megan's favorite part about tutoring is helping students gain confidence in their own writing. In her free time, Megan enjoys writing novels, playing TTRPGs with her friends, embroidery, and gardening.

  • Marissa (TC)

    Marissa graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2019 with a Bachelor's in English Education and got a Secondary teaching credential from Cal Poly Pomona shortly after during 2019-2020, but after teaching in 2022-2023, she is currently trying to find a new career path. Marissa's favorite part of tutoring is connecting with students and helping them believe they can do well in writing. Marissa enjoys doing her makeup, singing, and listening to music. Her favorite shows are Stranger Things and Cobra Kai. 

  • Denise (TC) 

    Denise started working at the Writing Center during the pandemic. Even though it was a scary time, the Writing Center was equipped with many resources and well informed staff members to assist students. Tutoring at Mt SAC has been a privilege for her, and she hopes to carry many of the lessons with her when she becomes a professor. After completing nursing school, she realized that she no longer wanted to work in the medical field. She went back to school and found her true passion: Psychology. Denise is currently majoring in Psychology at California State University San Bernardino. When she is not working, or in school, she enjoys listening to True Crime, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, and just taking a moment to appreciate the small things.
  • Noah (TC)

    Noah is a graduate student at Cal Poly Pomona and will obtain his M.A. in English Literary Studies in Fall 2024. He previously received his B.A. in English Education and minors in Spanish and TESOL from CPP in 2022. He is a TC and aspires to teach college level English. Noah specializes in gothic literature, poetry, and theory. He has published work on monster theory and cybergothic theory and is currently researching ecogothic criticism in postwar German literature for his forthcoming Master’s thesis. Outside of academia, he enjoys long walks through the cemetery, live music, antiquing, and dancing! 


  • Aurea (FD)

    Aurea joined Mt. SAC in February 2020. She is currently taking up her pre-requisites and will be transferring to pursue Nursing. Aurea started working at Mt. SAC Writing Center in 2021 as a front desk assistant. Working at a front desk will help build her confidence to interact with people and to gain experience.  The Writing Center was one of the departments that she wanted to work in.  It is her second job as a student since the pandemic began.  During her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, spending time shopping online, and eating out with friends. 


  • Tom (TC)

    Tom holds a BA in English from CSUSB and is currently pursuing a Master’s from the same institute with a focus on English literature. Tom came to Mt. SAC’s Writing Center because of how unique and interesting the program is in comparison to other writing centers from different institutes. Lamenting on the fact, he wished he had the type of support group and community for his writing during his undergraduate education. Despite his major, Tom understands that some people just don’t like to read or write, especially for English classes, which they find boring. Because of this, he finds enjoyment in finding ways to make boring topics entertaining and engaging for people. During his free time, he likes to hike, get lost on shady trails, and get headaches. 

  • Elona (TC)

    Elona started as a Mt. SAC student in 2015 and began working at the writing center in 2018 shortly before transferring. Elona holds a B.A. in English from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her M.A. there as well, hoping to specialize in American lit and/or post-colonialism. Elona enjoys interacting with students in her role as a TC (tutor in the classroom). Her favorite part of tutoring is watching the students improve over time. With every semester, she finds that each class is unique with their own collective personality and getting to know them allows for different approaches to help them become better writers. In her free time, Elona enjoys exploring art museums, shopping, and finding new coffee shops.

  • Nomar (WC)

    Nomar is currently majoring in English to eventually transfer to a Cal State where he plans to get his bachelors and masters in creative writing. He wants to write novels and comics while also being an English professor (hopefully at Mt. Sac one day). Nomar loves writing and sharing his joy with others; he found working at the Writing Center to be a great way to do so. Helping others understand something that they might have trouble with is incredibly rewarding, as well as a fun way to do something good. During his free time, Nomar loves watching films like Zodiac, Shaun of the Dead, and the Dark Knight.

  • Tracy (FD)

    Tracy is currently studying Nursing and planning to transfer to a four-year university. Her short-term goal is to graduate from a university with a BSN and become a Registered Nurse. She also just earned her associate degree in Sociology this past fall (2023). After joining the WC, Tracy found out this was the best job she ever had. She enjoys working with her co-workers here and loves the environment that the WC provides for everyone. During her free time, she likes to practice dancing, building Legos, watching movies, and playing video games. She loves to do anything that helps her to relieve stress and pressure.

  • Nathan (WC)

    Nathan began working at the Writing Center in the winter of 2024. He is majoring in environmental engineering and is looking to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona in the fall of 2025. Despite majoring in engineering, Nathan has always had a passion for writing and literature; passion which sparked his interest in working with the Writing Center. He enjoys working with other students to teach them new concepts or help improve their writing. During his free time, Nathan likes to watch informative YouTube videos, play video games, read manga, sleep in, and work on his novel which somehow gets shorter after each writing session.

  • Razeen (WC)

    Razeen (he/him) graduated with his diploma from the Math and Science Academy at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in December 2021, and is currently majoring in mechanical engineering here at Mt. San Antonio College.  He plans to transfer to a 4-year university in 2024 to continue his education.  He joined the team here at the Writing Center in the summer of 2023 due to his love for writing and his eagerness to help others understand its potential.  In his free time, he enjoys writing for his novel, reading, nature/wildlife photography, video games, exercising, and taking care of his German shepherd (Dean). He is also a huge sports fan.  



  • Andrew (TC)

    Andrew (he/him/his) is a nontraditional student who returned to school after a long hiatus. He is currently earning three AA-Ts: Communication, Sociology, and Social Justice. His goal is to transfer to UCLA or UCB and earn a degree in communication or sociology, respectively. He hopes to attain his MA degree and eventually his Ph.D. Andrew started off at the Writing Center in the fall of 2022 working the front desk. He is now training to be a tutor and a tutor in the classroom (TC). As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Andrew is an activist for equality. He enjoys learning about the socioeconomic disparities that exist in the world and is educating himself to fight the good fight that is social justice. During his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, thrifting, and working out.

  • Rami (NNES)

    Rami began his journey in teaching in 2009 as an ACT instructor throughout California. In 2012 Rami earned his B.A. in History from the University of California, Riverside. Rami is an expert in SAT and ACT, having taught both tests throughout the US and abroad.  He has assisted hundreds of students in their academic goals and pursuit of higher education.  Rami is grateful for the opportunity to continue this path with the Mt. Sac community.  In his leisure time, Rami is a Muay Thai enthusiast with a strong passion for international travel and foreign language acquisition. Rami has completed 3 marathons and hopes for his 4th to be in South America. 

  • Alexia (TC)

    Alexia has been working at the Writing Center since 2018, progressing from a walk-in tutor role to a TC (Tutors in the Classroom) role. Through the TC program, Alexia has been able to learn from a variety of professors and students, and it has generated many of her favorite experiences. She earned her B.A. in English at Cal Poly Pomona. Her interests include reading magical realism novels and world literature, playing video games, and listening to podcasts.

  • Delaney (WC)

    Delaney is a second year English student at Mt. SAC and a tutor in the Writing Center. She thinks English is so amazing because it is a conduit for all of the things she loves, like songs and stories. The Writing Center is an awesome place on campus for all kinds of resources, including a computer lab which is especially helpful for students who don't have laptops, or whose laptops run slow (like Delaney's). She loves to listen to her Belle and Sebastian CDs while she studies or writes, and she is looking forward to seeing all kinds of students in the Writing Center


  • Marianna (WC)

    Marianna (she/her/hers) is a multimedia artist pursuing a career in Visual Arts. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts at Citrus College, and is currently working on transferring for a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication. She has been taking art courses at Mt. SAC and began working as a tutor in the Writing Center in 2018. Getting know students and sharing interests is her favorite part of being a tutor. She enjoys drawing, hiking, video games, horror movies, and graphic novels.

  • Robert (TC)

    Robert is currently majoring in English at UC Riverside. Robert wants to support students because they remember what it was like to not feel confident in their work or being afraid of not looking like they did not know what they were doing. Robert likes to show students that they usually know or do what their professors are challenging them with. It is wonderful to see students realize they understand or know more than they thought. Roberts interests involve various forms of art and writing. They also love to watch TV Shows, Movies, read books and comics.

  • Anais (TC)

    Being a first-generation Chicana, Anaïs Alvarado has diligently forged her path to achieving an Associates from Mt. SAC and a Bachelors from Humboldt State. She currently is in pursuit of obtaining a Doctorate in Cultural Studies at Claremont Graduate. Her research interests include Chicanx/Latinx perspectives, histories, culture, politics, and experiences, especially within literature. Anaïs is committed to empowering students through a culturally responsive pedagogical approach that not only embraces and celebrates diversity but also nurtures the seeds of critical thinking while weaving tight bonds within any given community even academia! Beyond her academic endeavors, Anaïs finds solace in rock climbing with her fiancé, taking walks with her dog, Addie, or cherishing moments with her sweet abuelita.

  • Cristian (TC)

    Cristian is on a journey to becoming an English major. Once he gets his associate’s degree from Mt. Sac he hopes to transfer to Cal Poly to earn his bachelor’s. He is currently working at Mt. Sac as a writing tutor to assist any student who needs help with school assignments and hopes that all of his tutees will succeed in their courses. Cristian’s favorite part of being a writing tutor is brainstorming a plan to give the writer an idea of what to write for the essay. When Cristian is not at work he enjoys creating music and short films in his free time with his friends. His personal interests are taking long walks by the beach, traveling, spending time with his dog, and going to the movie theatres.

  • Jessica (WC)

    Jessica is currently a student at Mt. San Antonio College and is majoring in English. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and graduate with both a Bachelor's degree in English and her teaching credentials. She believes that education is very important and that intelligence is not something that one is naturally born with; it is something that comes with practice and resilience. She has a genuine passion for tutoring and helping others reach their goals, and finds it immensely rewarding when a student comes into the writing center feeling worried/lost, and leaves feeling confident. She enjoys baking desserts such as pies, cookies, and pastries from scratch. Her other hobbies include cooking, playing video games, and relaxing while watching movies in a cozy bed. 

  • Kati (TC)

    Kati is currently working at the Mt. SAC Writing Center as an in-class tutor, online tutor, and walk-in tutor. She is currently attending California State University of Fullerton for English and Literature. Along with her major in Literature, she is minoring in Creative Writing and enjoys writing fiction in her free time. Her passion for Literature is only rivaled by her love for animals, particularly cats. Kati volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter and fosters kittens and cats. At this time, she has fostered over fifty-five cats and kittens, ranging from the most vulnerable newborn kittens, to kittens with severe medical conditions, and even senior hospice cats.  

  • Savannah (TC)

    Savannah is an online tutor currently in the process of earning her bachelor's degree at Cal Poly Pomona. She is majoring in biology with a minor is philosophy, and hopes to go on to study neuroscience in grad school. She enjoys tutoring in a variety of subjects from chemistry to history, but particularly enjoys writing because it never requires a calculator. In her mind good writing skills are essential because of their use across subjects and in practical life. In her free time Savannah enjoys sewing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

  • Jocelyn (WC)

    Jocelyn is studying to earn an associate's degree in English at Mt. San Antonio College. She hopes to transfer to a four-year college and graduate with an English degree and a minor in Criminology. Her goal is to pursue a Master's degree and possibly a Ph.D. Jocelyn is interested in becoming a correctional teacher or professor as she is incredibly devoted to teaching others. Jocelyn started working as a Writing Center tutor in Fall 2023. She enjoys helping others, sharing her love for writing, and learning teaching skills. Aside from being a tutor, Jocelyn enjoys reading, painting, listening to music, playing Mario Kart, being with her cat, and spending time with her friends. 


  • Xavier (WC)

    Xavier is majoring in film. His current educational goals are to earn an AS-T degree in Film Television and Electronic Media from Mt. SAC and then to transfer to California State Northridge for fall 2023. His favorite aspects of the writing center include the tutoring that is offered to the students and the computer lab since it provides students who have limited access to electronics a place to work on their assignments. In his free time, Xavier enjoys collecting and watching movies, listening to music, and researching new and interesting topics. His favorite movie of all time is Catch Me If You Can.


  • Usha (FD)

    Usha has been a Computer Lab Assistant at Mt. SAC since 2003. In 2005, she earned her A.S. in Desktop Publishing and awarded “Phi Theta Kappa” International Honor Society certificate in the same writing center building she is now working in. Soon, computer classes became more interesting to her, and she realized that if she met the degree requirements, she could earn her A.S. degree. From 2003 to 2011, she took on many roles in the Business Division Computer Lab such as a Lab assistant, a teacher assistant in classrooms, and in the summer, she assisted young students to create “multimedia” projects in compute for the “College for Kids” program. In 2011, she moved into the Writing Center as a Front Desk/Lab Assistant. She loves her job and the people there. Usha is a proud mom of two UCLA graduates and eagle scout sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, and her favorite time is to play with her two granddaughters.

  • Joshua (WC)

    Joshua is an early child development major working toward transferring to Cal Poly by the summer of 2024 to pursue a B.A. in Early Childhood Studies. Working with students is a passion of Joshua and being a tutor is a good start to the teaching world. Being able to work with college students would be a good opportunity for Joshua to have some experience before heading into his education career. For fun, Joshua likes spend time with family and friends as much as he can. Also, Joshua enjoys doing a bit of everything that is outdoors or towards education to explore new things.


  • Jason (WC)

    Jason is a first-year student at Mt. SAC and is majoring in computer science. His education goal is to transfer to a four-year university and become a software engineer. Jason found his inspiration from former teachers and peers; he loves to code and learn new and complex coding languages. Although he is a computer science major, he has always shown a keen interest in Literature and Psychology. Working in the Writing Center has given him a path to express this side. Jason is a huge music nerd! He also spends his free time watching and playing sports. His personal motto is “Don't let a single story dictate your views of any person or group of people.”



  • Aza (TC)

    Acaziah – better known as Aza, he/him – is an English major close to completing an Associate's in English! He is an LGBTQIA+ author dedicated to helping others with their creations and taking pride in their works. He has a conversational knowledge of ASL and several years of informal tutoring under his belt. His studies at Mt. SAC and his time at the Writing Center have been invaluable to his development as a creator. Aza spends an exorbitant amount of time writing and brainstorming, and he is always happy to discuss movies, books, video games, anime, or music! Feel free to ask him if he has read or watched a piece of media!

  • Sidney (TC)

    Sidney has been working for the Writing Center while attending school at Cal State Fullerton. He is an English major looking to complete his BA and eventually obtain his Masters in the hopes of becoming an English professor. Sidney started off working in the center in 2019. In early 2020, he became a TC in order to gain experience working in a classroom. His main focus as a tutor is looking at new ways to address the material that the teacher has given in order to help students tackle the work in multiple ways. Sidney enjoys listening to and finding new music. His favorite genre is R&B/Soul and Alternative R&B; however, he delves into many other genres like Post-rock, Hip Hop, Conscious Rap, Drum and Bass, and more. Another one of his hobbies is going to the gym and playing basketball to stay active and healthy. 

  • Kait (TC)

    Kait is in her master’s program at Cal Poly Pomona with a double emphasis in literature. She received her bachelors degree in English education. She currently works as a Tutor in the Classroom and loves helping students follow their dreams through writing. As a neurodiverse first-generation college student, Kait knows firsthand the difficulties of getting an education and has a passion for helping students find their voice. When she is not studying or working, Kait loves collecting antique and rare classic books, spending time with her dogs, and playing video games. As she finishes up her masters program, Kait intends to teach at the college level and make working with students, her career.

  • David (FD)

    David Burgos (he/him) is currently majoring in sociology. He plans on earning his Associates degree in Sociology and transferring to pursue his masters in Social work. He has been working in the Writing Center since Spring 2023. A couple of his favorite things about working in the writing center are answering questions and assisting students with their writing center needs. David enjoys listening to and playing music, cooking and learning new recipes, and spending time with his friends and loved ones.
  • Sherrie (TC)

    Sherrie, an English and Theater double major, plans to transfer from Mt. SAC to a 4-year university in a hopeful pursuit of her  PhD and MFA, respectively. Sherrie started working as a tutor in the Spring 2023 semester; she loves helping her students put their ideas down on paper. When she’s not tutoring, she enjoys a variety of interests which include watching movies and television, listening to a wide range of music, and reading poetry, plays, and novels. She is a creative writer, and she loves to collect things, namely books, jewelry, and K-Pop photo-cards. When she writes, she prefers to do so in coffee shops and tea spots with a pastry at her side.

  • Maw (WC)

    Maw started at Mt. SAC in Fall 2022 and has 4 majors respectively in accounting, business, business administration, and psychology. She hopes to transfer to Cal Poly Pomona for a dual program of Accounting and Finance. She is inspired to become a tutor for Mt. Sac Pride Center and help the Queer students progress to success. Maw is the President of Mt. SAC Pride Club and is concurrently working with the Pride Center as a Student Assistant. She immigrated to the United States of America back in 2019 from the Philippines. She is bilingual as she can speak English and Filipino (Tagalog). During her free time, she plays games, sings, and goes partying with friends.

  • Karen (WC)

    Karen is currently a student at Mt. SAC, pursuing an associates in Psychology. Her goal is to graduate from Mt. SAC and her university of choice to pursue a career in teaching. Karen struggled with her writing classes and sought out help from the Writing Center. Through the sources at the center, she was able to pass her class, so she appreciates the services the center has to offer. Karen became interested in working as a tutor to help students who also struggle with their own writing. She believes that success is made through hard work and learning from own's mistakes. Karen spends her free time crocheting, making jewelry, and playing with her two dogs. 
  • Stori (WC)

    As a student of English, Stori completed her AA degree here at Mt. SAC. She will be transferring to Cal Poly Pomona this fall to pursue a B.A. in Literary Studies. Stori began working at the Writing Center in the spring of 2023, aspiring to help students strengthen their skills in English Composition and literary analysis. Her favorite part of working as a tutor are the moments when students seem to brighten as they develop a better understanding of a concept. The opportunity to encourage Mt. SAC's incredible students in their educational pursuits make tutoring a fulfilling position to uphold. At home, Stori enjoys gardening, studying anthropology, and playing with her dog.

  • James (TC)

    James (he/him) is a senior at Cal Poly Pomona studying English with a focus in education. He graduated from Mt. SAC in 2021 and plans to finish at CPP by 2024. James is excited to continue working with students and putting theory into action at the writing center with an understanding that looking for help can be scary. When he’s not reading or writing for school, he likes to play old computer games and spend time with his partner working on their astrophysics research. From essays to exoplanets, James has the knowledge to put your paper on the right track. Ask him about producing podcasts, creative writing, or just plain essays!
  • Nur (TC)

    Nur graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She, her, and hers are her pronouns. Nur is a huge fan of anything art related! Her hobbies range from painting to creative writing to crafting and curating playlists. She is proficient in Arabic, basic Spanish, and ASL. If you ever get lost, just spot a woman carrying a graphic tote, wearing winged eyeliner, and a pair of large dangling earrings, and that is where you will find Nur!
  • Henry O. (FD)

    Henry is an international student from Burma who is currently majoring in architectural studies. He plans to transfer to UCB to his further studies in the architectural field to earn his bachelor degree. Henry started working in the Writing Center at the front desk in the summer.  He started his journey at Mt. SAC in the spring of 2023. Henry enjoys seeking new things because of his curiosity. In his spare time, Henry likes to keep learning martial arts since he likes to focus on himself due to his self-love. In his alone times, Henry likes to eat, draw, and watch movies to entertain himself. 
  • Henry C.  (FD)

    Henry is currently a student at Mt. SAC and plans to transfer in a year. He is majoring in psychology but has a keen interest in philosophy. Henry found inspiration in his philosophy tutor, especially during times when he struggled with his classwork. This experience motivated him to become a tutor in the classroom (TC) and help other students in the same way he was once helped. Beside the academic pursuits, Henry is a huge music lover! He enjoys singing, writing songs, and even composes and produces his own music in his spare time. He also enjoys thinking about life and society, as well as engaging in discussion about their meaning.
  • Raam (TC)

    Raam is a new, incoming TC/Writing Tutor for the Writing Center at Mt. SAC. He is also a PhD student, studying International Politics & Political Science, at Claremont Graduate University (CGU). He received his BA in Peace & Conflict Studies from UC Berkeley in 2017, and his MA in Sociology from Cal State LA in 2021. He enjoys reading nonfiction and poetry, eating vegan food, and watching documentaries in his spare time. Raam enjoys all aspects and facets of the writing process, including sentence structure, grammar, paragraphs, and essays. He is happy to assist with any writing concerns that students have, and also just to chat about writing in general.

  • Koji (WC)

     Mrs. Koji graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a B.S. in biology. At CSULA, she became a CRLA certified tutor and had the opportunity to participate in Summer Bridge and EOP tutoring. While she continued tutoring, she pursued more graduate-level and credential courses. At Sylvan Learning Center of Southern California, she was able to tutor English, writing, SAT/ACT English and math, as well as other math and sciences. Koji is an avid gardener who is continuously discovering and applying natural principles of urban farming and gardening. Koji and her family love pets and support the preservation of nature and wildlife. 


  • Dominique (WC)

    Dominique, a current student at Mt. SAC, is majoring in Business Administration. She plans to transfer to a four-year university in 2024 and hopefully become an accountant. Reading and writing have always been something she has enjoyed, and as a tutor she is able to help others strengthen their own skills. In her free time, Dominique loves baking, specifically cakes and pies. Music is also a big part of her life, so outside of always listening to music and frequently attending concerts, she is also currently learning to play the guitar. When she needs to decompress she likes to watch hockey, or play with her dog, a husky/pit bull mix, that she recently rescued. 

  • Jesse (WC)
    Jesse (he/him/his) is a Mt. SAC alumni, having graduated in December 2020. After obtaining an AA-T in Art History, Jesse transferred to UC Berkeley where he graduated in May 2023 after three intense semesters. He holds a BA in the History of Art with an emphasis in Reception Studies. He plans to get his MA in Museum Studies and later his Ph.D. in Queer Chicanx Art. He hopes to one day work as a museum curator or college professor. Outside of the Writing Center, Jesse spends his time traveling, going to concerts, and volunteering at art museums and LGBTQIA+ organizations in and around LA County.
  • Sam (TC)

    Sam, is a triple major here at Mt. SAC! She has her AA-T in Political Science and in December will finish her AA-T in Sociology and Social Justice before she transfers to a 4-year university in spring. Her future goals include obtaining a BA in Political Science and continuing on to become an attorney. Previous to Mt. SAC she attended CSUEB but her path was not linear leading her to move closer to home determined to complete her college goals. This past summer Sam worked as a SI for our Trio ACES Summer Science Transfer Experience and was able to achieve a 98% pass rate for the courses she tutored. She loves thrill seeking, cooking and making memories with the people she loves!

  • Norma (NNES)

    Norma (she/her) has an M.A. in English with a dual specialization in rhetoric & composition and TESOL. She has taught in the Zhejiang Province, in China during two different years and also in the English department at Cal Poly Pomona. She is currently teaching at Mt. SAC and PCC. Norma has been a Tutor in the Classroom (TC) for four and half years at the Mt. SAC Writing Center, and during that time, she has worked with many different types of students including first-generation college students, international students, neuro-diverse students, etc. She is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some very basic Mandarin. During her free time, Norma loves visiting museums, trying out new restaurants, and binge-reading.

  • Lana (WC)

    Lana is a psychology major at Mt. SAC looking to transfer in the fall of 2024. She has tutored before at her high school and wanted to further her experience at the Writing Center. Her goal is to help students understand and eventually love writing! She’s looking to use her writing skills to publish psychological research and contribute to the furthering of human studies. In her free time, she likes to cafe hop, frequent dance studios, and go to the gym with her boyfriend. She also plays video games like Minecraft, Valorant, and Terraria. Above all else, she likes to be around other people!


  • Giovanni (TC)

    Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language from Cal Poly Pomona and has worked with several on campus programs such as Arise, Bridge, Tutor in the Classroom, and the American Language Department. Furthermore, working in the American Language Department has given Giovanni an opportunity to work closely with ESL students and learn various ways to help improve any student’s English and writing skills. His favorite thing about tutoring is helping students understand the writing process which is fundamental in all writing. Giovanni started a career path as a social skill specialist and behavior interventionist where he provides social and academic services to individuals with extensive support and needs. In his free time, Giovanni likes going to restaurants, sports, and local social events. 

  • Maddy (WC)

    Maddison (aka Maddy) is a current Mt. SAC student that is majoring in Early Childhood Education. She plans to transfer to a Cal State after finishing up her studies here. Maddison’s career goal is to become a second grade teacher because that was the first teacher to show her how to love learning. She was inspired by one of our tutors to join the team after they gave her the confidence in her writing skills that she never had before. Maddison is excited to work with her peers and assist them through their writing journey here in the Writing Center. 


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    Writing Tutor (WC)

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