Meet our Tutors

  • Norma (TC)

    Norma (she/her) has an M.A. in English with a dual specialization in rhetoric & composition and TESOL. She has taught in the Zhejiang Province, in China during two different years and also in the English department at Cal Poly Pomona. She is currently teaching at Mt. SAC and PCC. Norma has been a Tutor in the Classroom (TC) for four and half years at the Mt. SAC Writing Center, and during that time, she has worked with many different types of students including first-generation college students, international students, neuro-diverse students, etc. She is fluent in English and Spanish and speaks some very basic Mandarin. During her free time, Norma loves visiting museums, trying out new restaurants, and binge-reading.

  • Genesis (WC)

    Genesis is currently studying Early Childhood Education in hopes to transfer soon to Cal Poly Pomona. She is pursuing a career in education and her goals for the future are to be an elementary school teacher with the added bonus of teaching in a bilingual environment. Genesis believes that no matter how confident one is in their studies, there should never be any hesitancy in asking for help and as a tutor she believes that they are there to address the needs of the tutee. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to audiobooks, drawing, and hanging out with friends.


  • Giovanni (TC)

    Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language from Cal Poly Pomona and has worked for the Writing Center for four years. In his four years as a tutor, Giovanni has worked with several on campus programs (Arise, Bridge, and Tutor in the Classroom) by connecting and serving our diverse group of students. Furthermore, working in the American Language Department has given Giovanni an opportunity to work closely with ESL students and learn various ways to help improve any student’s English and writing skills. His favorite thing about tutoring is helping students understand the writing process which is fundamental in all writing. On his free time, Giovanni likes trying new food places, watching sports, and reading.   

  • Sean (WC + TC)

    Sean holds a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from California State University, Long Beach. He is planning to head to Japan to explore the culture while teaching English, with the subsequent goal of establishing a career in Japanese to English computer/technical translation. As a tutor, he aims to spark a passion for learning and creativity within the students that he guides. When not tutoring, he enjoys bouldering, writing music, creating short animations, torturing himself by playing challenging video games, and giving pets to all the animals.

  • Megan S. (TC)

    Megan earned a B.A. in English from UCI, along with far more Shakespeare knowledge than she knows what to do with. In community college, Megan tutored for microeconomics and earth science, and at university she mentored writers in the video game development club. Megan's favorite part about tutoring is helping students gain confidence in their own writing. In her free time, Megan enjoys writing novels, playing TTRPGs with her friends, embroidery, and gardening.

  • Megan R. (TC)

    Megan is studying communications and world languages here at Mt. SAC. She plans to transfer to a four-year university in 2023 to continue her education. Megan started working as a TC in the Spring of 2022 where she developed a love for working with ESL students. When she isn’t tutoring, she’s studying Japanese; she aspires to continue her work with ESL students in Japan through the JET program. Her interests lie in learning the Japanese language and attending live music concerts. Some of her favorite artists are Daft Punk, Porter Robinson and Mariah Carey.

  • Oz (TC)

    Oscar (he/him) studied philosophy [law & society] at Cal Poly Pomona. He is a 2L at Northwestern California University School of Law, in Sacramento (Distanced Learning). Oscar has worked as a tutor for the Writing Center for 3 years. At Cal Poly, he tutored reading at the Reading Advising and Mentoring Program and symbolic logic and philosophy at the Bronco Tutoring Center located in the library.  Oscar has traveled out-of-state for many major tournaments such as Evolution, Combo Breaker, and Kumite, many times qualifying or placing in major events. He currently holds world records in games such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, and Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, all of which have been verified on Speedrun.

  • Brian (WC)

    Bri is a political science/philosophy double major that hopes to go into education! When he isn't making music or researching obscure poststructuralist theory, he's usually eating at Raising Canes. He loves to teach people about philosophy. Feel free to ask him questions about any sort of existential problems you have. He'll make them worse. 


  • Aurea (FD)

    Aurea joined Mt. SAC in February 2020. She is currently taking up her pre-requisites and will be transferring to pursue Nursing. Aurea started working at Mt. SAC Writing Center in 2021 as a front desk assistant. Working at a front desk will help build her confidence to interact with people and to gain experience.  The Writing Center was one of the departments that she wanted to work in.  It is her second job as a student since the pandemic began.  During her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, spending time shopping online, and eating out with friends. 


  • Tyler (TC)

    Tyler holds a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition with a sub-emphasis in Literature from Cal Poly Pomona University and currently teaches courses in composition at both Cal Poly Pomona and Mt. SAC. He enjoys helping students improve the analysis portions of their essays and, in something of a rarity, actually enjoys helping students navigate the labyrinth that is MLA citation. His favorite moments in tutorial sessions are when students see real improvement in their drafts. In his free time, he enjoys running long distances, playing with his dogs, and watching anime. 

  • Elona (TC)

    Elona started as a Mt. SAC student in 2015 and began working at the writing center in 2018 shortly before transferring. Elona holds a B.A. in English from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her M.A. there as well, hoping to specialize in American lit and/or postcolonialism. Elona enjoys interacting with students in her role as a TC (tutor in the classroom). Her favorite part of tutoring is watching the students improve over time. With every semester, she finds that each class is unique with their own collective personality and getting to know them allows for different approaches to help them become better writers. In her free time, Elona enjoys exploring art museums, shopping, and finding new coffee shops.

  • Brianna C. (TC)

    Brianna earned her M.A. in English from Cal Poly Pomona and joined the "tutors in the classroom" team in 2019. As a tutor, she has grown both professionally and personally and is excited for future opportunities to advance her career in education. If tutoring were a television show, she would say that the best part is working behind-the-scenes on the learner’s confidence-building crew. She especially loves the part when things “click” with students, and they feel that boost of confidence from understanding a concept. One of her lifelong goals is to rove the country and the world, but she especially loves taking annual family vacations in the forest. At home, Brianna enjoys riling up her dog Riley with maddening words like “squirrel.” 

  • Chase (TC)

    Chase holds a Bachelor’s in English from UCR and is currently completing his last semester of graduate studies at Cal Poly Pomona, where he will graduate with an MA in English. Since joining the Writing Center in June 2022 he has worked closely with ACCESS students as a TC (Tutor in the Classroom). His favorite part about tutoring is the reciprocal process of learning that takes place between student and tutor. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, watching anime, and running.

  • Taci (WC)

    Tacianna (or "Taci" for short) is currently pursuing her associate degree in English at Mt. SAC with hopes of minoring in film. She believes that tutoring is supportive and that learning about English and writing is all about the development of one's ideas and arguments. She's also an enthusiastic Star Wars fan and enjoys reading novels as well as analyzing movies.

  • Brianna P. (WC)

    Brianna (she/her/hers) is an English major. She is a part-time tutor at the Writing Center and a student at the Mt. San Antonio College campus. Her educational goals are to earn an AA-T degree in English from Mt. SAC and transfer to a four-year university in the near future. Brianna decided to work as a tutor in the Writing Center because she enjoys collaborating with her peers and finds it rewarding to help students reach their educational goals. The reason why Brianna likes Mt. SAC is because of the campus’ diverse student body and wide range of resources for its students. Brianna’s hobbies include knitting/crocheting, listening to music, and drawing.   



  • Mariana (TC)

    Mariana is a Mt. SAC alumna who received her B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds an M.A. in English from Cal Poly Pomona and continues to study Early Modern literature researching colonialism and the imagination through the in-between spaces of the ocean. As an embedded tutor at Mt. SAC, Mariana’s passion for working with students from her community transpires through the mutual learning between tutor and tutee—the communal labor of diligence, creativity, and scholarship incited in each classroom. In her free time, Mariana enjoys exploring bookstores and coffeeshops as well as hiking and camping, traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with her two adorable dogs.

  • Rami (NNES Tutor)

    Rami began his journey in teaching in 2009 as an ACT instructor throughout California. In 2012 Rami earned his B.A. in History from the University of California, Riverside. Rami is an expert in SAT and ACT, having taught both tests throughout the US and abroad.  He has assisted hundreds of students in their academic goals and pursuit of higher education.  Rami is grateful for the opportunity to continue this path with the Mt. Sac community.  In his leisure time, Rami is a Muay Thai enthusiast with a strong passion for international travel and foreign language acquisition. Rami has completed 3 marathons and hopes for his 4th to be in South America. 

  • Alexia (WC + TC)

    Alexia has been working at the Writing Center since 2018, progressing from a walk-in tutor role to a TC (Tutors in the Classroom) role. Through the TC program, Alexia has been able to learn from a variety of professors and students, and it has generated many of her favorite experiences. She earned her B.A. in English at Cal Poly Pomona. Her interests include reading magical realism novels and world literature, playing video games, and listening to podcasts.

  • Erin (TC + WC)

    Erin (she/her/hers) is a second-year student at Mt. SAC, and is an animal science major. She hopes to transfer to UC Davis or Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2022, and wants to pursue a career in animal nutrition or as a veterinary technician. Even though she’s a STEM major, Erin’s favorite class at Mt. SAC was ENG 1C. Erin began working front-desk at the Writing Center in Fall 2021, and has enjoyed being able to interact and help other students and faculty. In her free time, Erin bakes, plays video games, reads, and collects records.

  • Marianna (WC)

    Marianna (she/her/hers) is a multimedia artist pursuing a career in Visual Arts. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts at Citrus College, and is currently working on transferring for a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication. She has been taking art courses at Mt. SAC and began working as a tutor in the Writing Center in 2018. Getting know students and sharing interests is her favorite part of being a tutor. She enjoys drawing, hiking, video games, horror movies, and graphic novels.

  • Robert (TC)

    Robert is currently majoring in English at UC Riverside. Robert wants to support students because they remember what it was like to not feel confident in their work or being afraid of not looking like they did not know what they were doing. Robert likes to show students that they usually know or do what their professors are challenging them with. It is wonderful to see students realize they understand or know more than they thought. Roberts interests involve various forms of art and writing. They also love to watch TV Shows, Movies, read books and comics.

  • Hoang (WC)

    Hoang is an English graduate from the University of California, Davis, with an emphasis on literature, criticism, and theory. He is completing his pre-medical courses at Mt. San Antonio College, and his career goals are to be a physician assistant, writer, educator, and a human rights activist throughout his life journey. His dream is to join a humanitarian organization and travel across continents to provide medical aid, to engage in research, to read different literatures, to understand different cultures, and to write stories. He said that the Writing Center is also where he meets many different people—they are from here; they are from different countries, but they each have a narrative of where they want to go and who and how they want to be.

  • Cristian (TC)

    Cristian is on a journey to becoming an English major. Once he gets his associate’s degree from Mt. Sac he hopes to transfer to Cal Poly to earn his bachelor’s. He is currently working at Mt. Sac as a writing tutor to assist any student who needs help with school assignments and hopes that all of his tutees will succeed in their courses. Cristian’s favorite part of being a writing tutor is brainstorming a plan to give the writer an idea of what to write for the essay. When Cristian is not at work he enjoys creating music and short films in his free time with his friends. His personal interests are taking long walks by the beach, traveling, spending time with his dog, and going to the movie theatres.

  • Patrick (WC)

    Patrick is a student at Mt. SAC majoring in biological sciences. He believes that learning is endless and one’s motivations are the core of progressing into future opportunities and experiences. His educational goals are to transfer into a 4-year university and eventually earn a Ph.D. to unlock a path into the medical field. During his leisure time, he loves to listen to music, take nature hikes, and pursue a variety of artistic endeavors such as drawing, painting, and calligraphy.

  • Kati (TC)

    Kati is currently working at the Mt. SAC Writing Center as an in-class tutor, online tutor, and walk-in tutor. She is currently attending California State University of Fullerton for English and Literature. Along with her major in Literature, she is minoring in Creative Writing and enjoys writing fiction in her free time. Her passion for Literature is only rivalled by her love for animals, particularly cats. Kati volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter and fosters kittens and cats. At this time, she has fostered over fifty-five cats and kittens, ranging from the most vulnerable newborn kittens, to kittens with severe medical conditions, and even senior hospice cats.  

  • Savannah (WC)

    Savannah is an online tutor currently in the process of earning her bachelor's degree at Cal Poly Pomona. She is majoring in biology with a minor is philosophy, and hopes to go on to study neuroscience in grad school. She enjoys tutoring in a variety of subjects from chemistry to history, but particularly enjoys writing because it never requires a calculator. In her mind good writing skills are essential because of their use across subjects and in practical life. In her free time Savannah enjoys sewing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

  • Gabe (TC)

    After attending Mt. SAC for three years, Gabriell transferred to UC Berkeley where he received his B.A. in Philosophy. Prior to transferring, he worked at the Writing Center as a Writing Center Tutor, a Tutor in the Classroom, and an Equity Tutor for the Mt. SAC Arise Program. He credits his cumulative training and experience at the Writing Center as to why he feels so passionate about working with underprivileged groups and helping them traverse through higher academia. Gabriell is a first-generation college student and sees his position as a means to help empower students achieve success to benefit their own communities. In his free time, he likes to read, learn new things, watch professional wrestling, stuff himself with food, and sleep like bears do in the winter.

  • Denise (TC)

    Denise started working at Mt SAC's Writing Center during the pandemic. Even though it was a scary time, the Writing Center was equipped with many resources and well informed staff members to assist students. Tutoring at Mt SAC has been a privilege for her, and she hopes to carry many of the lessons with her when she becomes a professor. After completing nursing school, she realized that she no longer wanted to work in the medical field. She went back to school and found her true passion: Psychology. Denise is currently majoring in Psychology at California State University San Bernardino. When she is not working, or in school, she enjoys listening to True Crime, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, and just taking a moment to appreciate the small things.

  • Emilie (WC)

    Emilie obtained her AA-T in English in Spring 2022. She is currently attending Cal State Fullerton in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in English. Her aspiration for her degree is to become an author and college professor. She is especially adept at essay writing, having won first place in a critical essay writing contest in 2016 with her winning essay being publish in the West Coast Review. She has been working as a tutor for the Writing Center since 2015. Her passion for tutoring comes from her deep love of writing and English, as well as a desire to help students who struggle with English to gain a better understanding and respect for the subject. She takes particular enjoyment in helping students with creating and understanding analysis and formatting paragraphs in their essays. In her spare time, Emilie enjoys writing fiction and analytical essays, as well as playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons, watching movies and YouTube, reading fantasy fiction, drawing, and spending time with her friends, family, and her husband, Bryan. 

  • Jessica E. (WC)

    Jessica is currently a student at Mt. San Antonio College and is majoring in English. She hopes to transfer to Cal State Fullerton and graduate with both a Bachelor's degree in English and her teaching credentials. She believes that education is very important and that intelligence is not something that one is naturally born with; it is something that comes with practice and resilience. She has a genuine passion for tutoring and helping others reach their goals, and finds it immensely rewarding when a student comes into the writing center feeling worried/lost, and leaves feeling confident. She enjoys baking desserts such as pies, cookies, and pastries from scratch. Her other hobbies include cooking, playing video games, and relaxing while watching movies in a cozy bed. 


  • Xavier (WC)

    Xavier is majoring in film. His current educational goals are to earn an AS-T degree in Film Television and Electronic Media from Mt. SAC and then to transfer to California State Northridge for fall 2023. His favorite aspects of the writing center include the tutoring that is offered to the students and the computer lab since it provides students who have limited access to electronics a place to work on their assignments. In his free time, Xavier enjoys collecting and watching movies, listening to music, and researching new and interesting topics. His favorite movie of all time is Catch Me If You Can.


  • Usha (FD)

    Usha has been a Computer Lab Assistant at Mt. SAC since 2003. In 2005, she earned her A.S. in Desktop Publishing and awarded “Phi Theta Kappa” International Honor Society certificate in the same writing center building she is now working in. Soon, computer classes became more interesting to her, and she realized that if she met the degree requirements, she could earn her A.S. degree. From 2003 to 2011, she took on many roles in the Business Division Computer Lab such as a Lab assistant, a teacher assistant in classrooms, and in the summer, she assisted young students to create “multimedia” projects in compute for the “College for Kids” program. In 2011, she moved into the Writing Center as a Front Desk/Lab Assistant. She loves her job and the people there. Usha is a proud mom of two UCLA graduates and eagle scout sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, and her favorite time is to play with her two granddaughters.


  • Ric (WC)

    Ric is a second-year student at Mt. SAC, and is an economics major. He hopes to transfer to UC Irvine or Cal Poly SLO in Fall 2023 and pursue a career in finance or as an audio engineer. Even though he is an economics major, he despises math and loves taking English here at Mt. Sac. Ric's favorite class at Mt. SAC was ENG 1C with Professor Eddie. Ric began working at the Writing Center as a tutor in summer 22' and has enjoyed working at the writing center and loves to interact and help other students up their writing game. In his free time, Ric mixes, produces and mixes music, goes fishing, goes golfing, and skates in his free time.


  • Joy (WC)

    Joy is working on getting her AA in Language Arts and her ASL interpreting Certification. She has been a student at Mt. SAC for over 3 years and has been thoroughly enjoying learning about a variety of subjects to get her AA as well as World Language degrees. While new to tutoring at the WC, Joy has tutored before, and is enjoying getting to do it again, especially with other people who have some of the same passion and enthusiasm for writing as she does. Aside from learning, Joy's hobbies include binging shows with her siblings, visiting new museums and special events, babysitting, hanging with her cat, and of course, writing as much fiction as she can fit into her schedule. 

  • Aza (WC)

    Acaziah – better known as Aza, he/him – is an English major close to completing an Associate's in English! He is an LGBTQIA+ author dedicated to helping others with their creations and taking pride in their works. He has a conversational knowledge of ASL and several years of informal tutoring under his belt. His studies at Mt. SAC and his time at the Writing Center have been invaluable to his development as a creator. Aza spends an exorbitant amount of time writing and brainstorming, and he is always happy to discuss movies, books, video games, anime, or music! Feel free to ask him if he has read or watched a piece of media!

  • Vincent (WC)

    Vincent is a history major and his interest is the study of Nationalism in Modern Asia. Vincent is a person with a lot of thoughts and questions. Therefore, his academic goal is to become an academic researcher so he can look for the answers himself. Vincent is also an elected senator with the Associated Students; he has learned great leadership and communication skills from the position. In the fall of 2022, Vincent started working in the Writing Center as a part-time tutor and front desk assistant. He believes the working experience he is getting at the Writing Center will improve and help in his academic career.

  • Lux (WC)

    Lux is currently enrolled at Mt. SAC, majoring in both Early Childhood Development and Psychology. She has completed her AS-T Early Childhood Education degree and is now working toward obtaining her AA-T Psychology degree. She plans to transfer out after Spring 2023 and continue toward a BA in Psychology. Tutoring at the Writing Center, Lux combines her passion for writing and literature with her desire to make education and academia more accessible. Outside of academics and tutoring, Lux enjoys crocheting, video gaming, drawing and painting, cooking and eating tons of yummy food, and loves to spend time with her wonderfully loving partner, Clayton.

  • Monique (FD)

    Monique Is currently studying business to become a real estate agent. To Monique, the writing center is a place people can come when they need help with an essay or a DLA. People can even come in just to work on their homework in the lab. The staff at the writing center is very friendly and patient. On her free time, Monique likes to stay inside and watch  horror movies. She likes going to the mall with her sisters but other than that she stays inside. Monique likes to paint, do her hair, and makeup.


  • Anthony (WC)

    Anthony is currently attending Mt. San Antonio College and is majoring in Chicano Studies.  He plans on transferring to a university spring of 2024. Anthony had the chance to work with a tutor during his English 1c class and ever since he wanted to give back what was so freely given to him. Anthony has come from such a diverse background he feels the need to advocate for students that are in need of help. In his free time, Anthony enjoys attending guided meditation groups, playing softball, and enjoying the simple things live has to offer.

  • Nur (WC)

    Nur graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a Bachelor of Arts in English. She, her, and hers are her pronouns. Nur is a huge fan of anything art related! Her hobbies range from painting to creative writing to crafting and curating playlists. She is proficient in Arabic, basic Spanish, and ASL. If you ever get lost, just spot a woman carrying a graphic tote, wearing winged eyeliner, and a pair of large dangling earrings, and that is where you will find Nur!

  • Emily (TC)

    Emily (she/her) is a new TC here at the Writing Center! She is a second-year Master’s student in English at Cal State LA, where she teaches Freshman composition. In addition to teaching, her research interests include literary trauma studies and literature of the incarcerated, as well as 20th and 21st century literary theory. When she is not busy studying or teaching, she enjoys exploring Los Angeles, walking steep hills, and learning new languages -- she is already fluent in Spanish, but her target languages this year are French and Brazilian Portuguese!

  • Nathalia (TC)

    Nathalia is currently working towards her master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduating, it is her great hope to one day become a professor who can empathize with her students' academic and personal needs. For now though, as a tutor, she takes great care in helping students achieve their academic goals. Apart from her never-ending school and work life, Nathalia enjoys drawing, singing, and daydreaming about her other goal: visiting South Korea.