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Meet our Tutors

  • Norma (TC)

    Norma Garcia has an M.A. in English with a dual specialization in rhetoric & composition and TESOL. She has taught internationally in the Zhejiang province in China during two different years and has also taught in the English department at Cal Poly Pomona. Norma has been a Tutor in the Classroom (TC) for four and half years at the Mt. SAC Writing Center, and during that time she has worked with many different types of students including first-generation college students, international students, neuro-diverse students, etc. During her free time, Norma loves visiting museums, trying out new restaurants, and binge-reading.

  • Rania (TC)

    Rania has been working as a tutor at the Writing Center for two years. With a deep passion for education, Rania is currently finishing up her B.A. in English Education at Cal State Fullerton. Starting in the spring, Rania will begin her M.S. in Educational Counseling at the University of La Verne. Her favorite thing about tutoring is being able to help students realize that they are worthy and that they know way more than they think they do. She pushes students to know that they are capable of doing anything as long as they put their minds to it.

  • Giovanni (TC)

    Giovanni has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and language from Cal Poly Pomona and has worked for the Writing Center for four years. In his four years as a tutor, Giovanni has worked with several on campus programs (Arise, Bridge, and Tutor in the Classroom) by connecting and serving our diverse group of students. Furthermore, working in the American Language Department has given Giovanni an opportunity to work closely with ESL students and learn various ways to help improve any student’s English and writing skills. His favorite thing about tutoring is helping students understand the writing process which is fundamental in all writing. On his free time, Giovanni likes trying new food places, watching sports, and reading.   

  • Marissa (TC)

    Marissa is a 2019 graduate from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor's in English Education. Marissa has worked in the Writing Center since February 2019 and has been a walk-in tutor and a TC (Tutor in the Classroom). Her career goal is to become a middle or high school English teacher. Marissa's favorite thing about tutoring is connecting with students and helping them believe that they can succeed in their writing assignments and essays. For fun, Marissa enjoys listening to different types of music, shopping, doing makeup, watching movies, eating desserts, and watching different kinds of YouTube videos. 

  • Alison (TC)

    Alison holds a master’s degree in English from SUNY Binghamton and a certificate in library technology from Pasadena City College. Since the mid-two-thousand teens, she has worn both mentor and student hats as a tutor and supplemental instructor at Mt. SAC. Alison loves discovering new ways to write and communicate while working with students, scholars, coworkers, and colleagues, and sometimes she can’t believe she actually convinced herself that studying grammar can be fun! She has many other creative interests, including literature, film, music, art, cooking, and crafting. In her free time, she enjoys finding ways to relax in nature and playing with her new pet kitten. 

  • Jackie (TC)

    Jackie is currently in her last year of her grad studies, and she will graduate from Cal State Fullerton with an MA degree in English as she wants to be a professor. She’s been helping Mt. SAC students for almost 6 years now, and her favorite part about tutoring is helping students understand analysis and grammar because those are the things she struggled with as an undergrad. Even though she is an English major, she hopes to continue learning Spanish, French, and ASL. During her free time, she loves spending time with her dogs, Frida Kahlo, and Toni Morrison.  

  • Aamir (WC)

    Aamir is currently a student in community college pursuing his degree in computer science. He initially took on English tutoring as an opportunity to build connections with the people around him while being able to build upon his own English writing skills. What stood out most to Aamir about tutoring was the promise to help others while helping himself. In such a short amount of time, Aamir learned to trust his seniors and to reach out to others during this transition. The Writing Center had played such a crucial role in maintaining the proper care and concern towards their tutors, which truly made Aamir feel comfortable and willing to work, despite hardships and more. 

  • Brian (WC)

    Bri is a political science/philosophy double major that hopes to go into education! When he isn't making music or researching obscure poststructuralist theory, he's usually eating at Raising Canes. He loves to teach people about philosophy. Feel free to ask him questions about any sort of existential problems you have. He'll make them worse. 


  • Andie (WC)

    Andie Kalinowski is currently a student at Mt. SAC and is majoring in journalism. She plans to transfer to a four-year university to earn her bachelor's degree and eventually a master's degree. She is striving to become an investigative journalist. Andie’s favorite aspect of tutoring is being able to watch students gain confidence in their writing. She also enjoys constantly working with a diverse group of students who bring something new to each session. In her free time, Andie loves reading, hiking, writing, and trying new coffee spots.

  • Tyler (TC)

    Tyler Vincent holds a master’s degree in Rhetoric and Composition with a sub-emphasis in Literature from Cal Poly Pomona University and currently teaches courses in composition at both Cal Poly Pomona and Mt. SAC. He enjoys helping students improve the analysis portions of their essays and, in something of a rarity, actually enjoys helping students navigate the labyrinth that is MLA citation. His favorite moments in tutorial sessions are when students see real improvement in their drafts. In his free time, he enjoys running long distances, playing with his dogs, and watching anime. 

  • Elona (TC)

    Elona started as a Mt. SAC student in 2015 and began working at the writing center in 2018 shortly before transferring. Elona holds a B.A. in English from Cal State Fullerton and is currently pursuing her M.A. there as well, hoping to specialize in American lit and/or postcolonialism. Elona enjoys interacting with students in her role as a TC (tutor in the classroom). Her favorite part of tutoring is watching the students improve over time. With every semester, she finds that each class is unique with their own collective personality and getting to know them allows for different approaches to help them become better writers. In her free time, Elona enjoys exploring art museums, shopping, and finding new coffee shops.

  • Brianna (TC)

    Brianna earned her M.A. in English from Cal Poly Pomona and joined the "tutors in the classroom" team in 2019. As a tutor, she has grown both professionally and personally and is excited for future opportunities to advance her career in education. If tutoring were a television show, she would say that the best part is working behind-the-scenes on the learner’s confidence-building crew. She especially loves the part when things “click” with students, and they feel that boost of confidence from understanding a concept. One of her lifelong goals is to rove the country and the world, but she especially loves taking annual family vacations in the forest. At home, Brianna enjoys riling up her dog Riley with maddening words like “squirrel.” 

  • Joevanca (FD)

    Joevanca is currently taking courses to major in nursing, a career she has envisioned for as long as she can remember. After Mt. SAC, she plans to transfer to a four-year university for her Bachelor of Science in nursing. She takes great pleasure in interacting and assisting other students from Mt. SAC. She also appreciates the wonderful staff and friendly co-workers she’s surrounded by. She was born and raised in Indonesia and is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia. During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones, finding new outdoor activities, and trying out new food spots.

  • Taci (WC)

    Tacianna (or "Taci" for short) is currently pursuing her associate degree in English at Mt. SAC with hopes of minoring in film. She believes that tutoring is supportive and that learning about English and writing is all about the development of one's ideas and arguments. She's also an enthusiastic Star Wars fan and enjoys reading novels as well as analyzing movies.

  • Marty (WC)

    Marty graduated with two associate degrees in History and English from Mt. San Antonio College. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree at California State University Fullerton in English with a minor in Education. Marty has a special interest in helping students brainstorm for Essays. Along with a special interest in brainstorming Marty enjoys helping writers with sentence-level revisions so a paper may flow better. He grew up in Chino Hills and speaks both English and Spanish. In his free time, Marty loves to watch films, work out, walk his bull-nose pitbull, and play video games.

  • Mariana (TC)

    Mariana Trujillo Marquez is a Mt. SAC alumna. She received her B.A. in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara and is currently pursuing her M.A. in Literature at Cal Poly Pomona. She works as a Teaching Associate at CPP and as an embedded tutor with ESL and English instructors at Mt. SAC. Mariana’s favorite part about tutoring is helping and learning alongside creative and hardworking students. She enjoys reading, hiking and camping, traveling, watching movies, and hanging out with her adorable needy dog.

  • Randy (TC)

    Since 2016, Randy Lucio has worked as a Spanish, ESL, and business writing tutor at the community college and university levels. He joined the Mt. SAC Writing Center staff at the start of fall semester in 2021 as a Tutor in the Classroom (TC). He holds a B.A. in anthropology with a Spanish linguistics minor from UCLA and an M.A. in English composition, applied linguistics and TESL concentration from Cal State Long Beach. Having benefited from the help of writing tutors during his time in college, he enjoys having the same opportunity to assist current students with their own writing assignments. During his down time, he also enjoys learning about language, listening to music, and watching sports.

  • Alexia (TC)

    Alexia has been working at the Writing Center since 2018, progressing from a walk-in tutor role to a TC (Tutors in the Classroom) role. Through the TC program, Alexia has been able to learn from a variety of professors and students, and it has generated many of her favorite experiences. After the fall 2021, she will have earned her B.A. in literary studies at Cal Poly Pomona. Her interests include reading magical realism novels and world literature, playing videogames, and listening to podcasts.

  • Erin (FD)

    Erin (she/her/hers) is a second-year student at Mt. SAC, and is an animal science major. She hopes to transfer to UC Davis or Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2022, and wants to pursue a career in animal nutrition or as a veterinary technician. Even though she’s a STEM major, Erin’s favorite class at Mt. SAC was ENG 1C. Erin began working front-desk at the Writing Center in Fall 2021, and has enjoyed being able to interact and help other students and faculty. In her free time, Erin bakes, plays video games, reads, and collects records.

  • Marianna (WC)

    Marianna (she/her/hers) is a multimedia artist pursuing a career in Visual Arts. She earned an Associate’s Degree in Fine Arts at Citrus College, and is currently working on transferring for a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication. She has been taking art courses at Mt. SAC and began working as a tutor in the Writing Center in 2018. Getting know students and sharing interests is her favorite part of being a tutor. She enjoys drawing, hiking, video games, horror movies, and graphic novels.

  • Robert (TC)

    Robert Trinidad is currently majoring in English at UC Riverside. Robert wants to support students because they remember what it was like to not feel confident in their work or being afraid of not looking like they did not know what they were doing. Robert likes to show students that they usually know or do what their professors are challenging them with. It is wonderful to see students realize they understand or know more than they thought. Roberts interests involve various forms of art and writing. They also love to watch TV Shows, Movies, read books and comics.

  • Kristen (WC)

    Kristen has been a tutor at the Writing Center since 2016 and received her Bachelors in English from Hope International University in 2020. During her years at the center, she has gained experience working with students by being both a Tutor in the Classroom and a private tutor. As a student at Mt. SAC, Kristen always enjoyed assisting fellow classmates with their essays. At the Writing Center, she continues to help students feel more confident in their writing abilities. In her free time, Kristen loves reading, writing, playing tennis, and going to both Disneyland and the movies.

  • Christian (WC)

    Cristian is on a journey to becoming an English major. Once he gets his associate’s degree from Mt. Sac he hopes to transfer to Cal Poly to earn his bachelor’s. He is currently working at Mt. Sac as a writing tutor to assist any student who needs help with school assignments and hopes that all of his tutees will succeed in their courses. Cristian’s favorite part of being a writing tutor is brainstorming a plan to give the writer an idea of what to write for the essay. When Cristian is not at work he enjoys creating music and short films in his free time with his friends. His personal interests are taking long walks by the beach, traveling, spending time with his dog, and going to the movie theatres.

  • Abby (FD)

    Abby Rodriguez is a sociology (social work) major at Cal Poly Pomona. She got her psychology and sociology AA degree from Mt. SAC. She wants to be a social worker for kids or for geriatrics (elderly). She loves watching shows(Korean-drama, anime, Marvel, Disney, Netflix etc.) during her free time. She also loves BTS (K-pop boy band) and collects different types of merch in relation to them. When she has the time, she loves to cook and travel when she has the opportunity to do so. She is currently obsessed with coffee and likes to go to coffee shops she runs into. 

  • Kati (TC)

    Kati Anderson is currently working at the MtSac Writing Center as an in-class tutor, online tutor, and walk-in tutor. She is currently attending California State University of Fullerton for English and Literature. Along with her major in Literature, she is minoring in Creative Writing and enjoys writing fiction in her free time. Her passion for Literature is only rivalled by her love for animals, particularly cats. Kati volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter and fosters kittens and cats. At this time, she has fostered over fifty-five cats and kittens, ranging from the most vulnerable newborn kittens, to kittens with severe medical conditions, and even senior hospice cats.  

  • Tanner (TC)

    Tanner Naas is a Tutor in the Classroom (TC) and has been a part of the writing center team for two years. He is a proud alumnus of Mt. SAC which he accredits to his success attaining both his Bachelor’s and Master’s in English. He aims to become an English professor, using his experience as a tutor to help guide his curriculum. As much as he loves reading and writing about stories, Tanner’s looking forward to the point where he can begin to write his own soon.

  • Cindy (NNES Tutor)

    Cindy Ramirez holds a Masters in English, with a focus in TESOL from Cal Poly Pomona. She has worked at Mt. SAC's Writing Center for several years in a number of important roles including WC Tutor, (TC) Tutor in the Classroom, and more recently as one of the Writing Center’s NNES Tutor Specialists. During the years that Cindy worked as a TC, she tutored students from all levels of English and AMLA courses. Cindy truly enjoys her work with NNES students because she helps foster independent learning and self-awareness in writing. When not tutoring, Cindy enjoys doing yoga, gardening, listening to podcasts, and of course, reading. Cindy's first language is Spanish and she also speaks some Italian.

  • Denise (TC)

    Denise started working at Mt SAC's Writing Center during the pandemic. Even though it was a scary time, the Writing Center was equipped with many resources and well informed staff members to assist students. Tutoring at Mt SAC has been a privilege for her, and she hopes to carry many of the lessons with her when she becomes a professor. After completing nursing school, she realized that she no longer wanted to work in the medical field. She went back to school and found her true passion: Psychology. Denise is currently majoring in Psychology at California State University San Bernardino. When she is not working, or in school, she enjoys listening to True Crime, binge watching TV shows on Netflix, and just taking a moment to appreciate the small things.

  • Emilie (WC)

    ​Emilie will be obtaining her Associate's degree in English from Mt. SAC in Spring 2022. She will then transfer to Cal Poly Pomona to pursue a Bachelor's degree in English. Her aspiration for her degree is to become an author. She is especially adept at essay writing, having won first place in a critical essay contest in 2016.   ​She has been working as a tutor for the Writing Center since 2015. Her passion for tutoring comes from her deep love of writing and English, as well as a desire to help students who struggle with English to gain a better understanding and respect for the subject. She takes particular interest in helping students with creating and understanding analysis and formatting paragraphs in their essays. Emilie enjoys writing fiction and analytical essays in her spare time, as well as playing video games and Dungeons and Dragons, watching movies, reading fantasy fiction, drawing, and spending time with her friends, family, and her husband, Bryan. 

  • Aurea (FD)

    Aurea joined Mt. SAC in February 2020. She is currently taking up her pre-requisites and will be transferring to pursue Nursing. Aurea started working at Mt. SAC Writing Center in 2021 as a front desk assistant. Working at a front desk will help build her confidence to interact with people and to gain experience.  The Writing Center was one of the departments that she wanted to work in.  It is her second job as a student since the pandemic began.  During her free time, she enjoys reading books, watching movies, spending time shopping online, and eating out with friends. 

  • Sean (TC)

    Sean has been an active tutor in English for the past nine years. He most recently achieved a bachelor's in music with an emphasis in performance from Cal Poly Pomona in 2019. However, despite his music participation, he has always been a writing enthusiast. Due to this, he has taken the Mt. SAC tutor training classes 10A, 10B, and 10C to further hone his tutoring skills. He is passionate about assisting students on their writing journey, and his favorite aspect of tutoring is helping students create their own unique voice within their essay writing. In his free time, Sean loves to play action video games, play with his cat Duchess, and count down the days until Halloween comes around again.

  • Sophia (TC)

    Sophia is a Mt. SAC and UC Berkeley alum who is currently finishing her Master’s in English at Cal State Fullerton. Sophia has been tutoring at the Writing Center since 2014, and her career path into teaching has been shaped by the wonderful students, staff, and faculty she has worked with over the years. She enjoys going on walks and hikes with her two huskies and relaxing at home with her 19 year-old cat. She also loves traveling, music festivals, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Patrick (WC)

    Patrick is a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona with an emphasis on Computer Information Science. He has worked at the Writing Center for around 3 years, and greatly enjoys working with students, whether it be essays or DLAs. Collaborating with students is incredibly rewarding, and there is nothing like watching a paper come together, figuring out how to structure an essay, or making sense of a grammar concept. Tutoring is important to him because he was often a recipient of tutoring, especially during his time at Mt. Sac. One of his favorite activities outside of work is drawing, though admittedly he is amateur at best.

  •  Nathalia (TC)

    Nathalia is currently working towards her master's degree in Rhetoric and Composition at Cal Poly Pomona. After graduating, it is her great hope to one day become a professor who can empathize with her students' academic and personal needs. For now though, as a tutor, she takes great care in helping students achieve their academic goals. Apart from her never-ending school and work life, Nathalia enjoys drawing, singing, and daydreaming about her other goal: visiting South Korea.


  • Savannah

    Savannah is an online tutor currently in the process of earning her bachelor's degree at Cal Poly Pomona. She is majoring in biology with a minor is philosophy, and hopes to go on to study neuroscience in grad school. She enjoys tutoring in a variety of subjects from chemistry to history, but particularly enjoys writing because it never requires a calculator. In her mind good writing skills are essential because of their use across subjects and in practical life. In her free time Savannah enjoys sewing, embroidery, and jewelry making.

  • Usha

    Usha has been a Computer Lab Assistant at Mt. SAC since 2003. In 2005, she earned her A.S. in Desktop Publishing and awarded “Phi Theta Kappa” International Honor Society certificate in the same writing center building she is now working in. Soon, computer classes became more interesting to her, and she realized that if she met the degree requirements, she could earn her A.S. degree. From 2003 to 2011, she took on many roles in the Business Division Computer Lab such as a Lab assistant, a teacher assistant in classrooms, and in the summer, she assisted young students to create “multimedia” projects in compute for the “College for Kids” program. In 2011, she moved into the Writing Center as a Front Desk/Lab Assistant. She loves her job and the people there. Usha is a proud mom of two UCLA graduates and eagle scout sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, and her favorite time is to play with her two granddaughters.

  • TC: Tutor in the Classroom

    WC: Writing Center Tutor

    FD: Front Desk Staff

  • TC: Tutor in the Classroom

    WC: Writing Center Tutor

    FD: Front Desk Staff

  • TC: Tutor in the Classroom

    WC: Writing Center Tutor

    FD: Front Desk Staff