Prompt Feedback Service

Would you like to check how clear your prompts are to students BEFORE you assign them in your class?

    • Who will provide feedback on my prompt?

      A team of our student writing consultants/tutors will look over your prompt or rubric one at a time and leave comments in the form of annotations.    

    • What type of feedback will I receive?

      Here's how it works:

      • A team of our student writing consultants will look over your prompt or rubric and give feedback based on both a student's and a tutor's perspective. They will pay attention to things such as:
        • Clarity of directions
        • Organization
        • Points where more information might be helpful
        • Transparency of purpose, steps, and criterion for success
    • When will I receive my prompt with feedback?

      We will normally deliver feedback to you within a week of submission via email although longer time is possible in high traffic times.

    • Where do I submit my prompt?

      If you are interested in this fantastic new service, please fill out our "smartsheet" and upload a version of your prompt or rubric plus any notes you might have for the tutors. Prompt Feedback Smartsheet

Questions? Email Trista Payte at