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Tutoring Guidelines for the Writing Center

Tutoring in the Writing Center is designed to increase student success and foster independent learning. Tutoring for writing is available during all hours of operation. 

Appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes. Students may have up to one hour of tutoring per day (no back-to-back sessions except in instances of ACCESS-registered student or 7+ page essays provided tutor availability). Because we encourage independent learning, and in order to allow all students an opportunity to be tutored, students may not make more than two appointments per day.

What to Expect from a Tutor

  • All tutors will provide competent, friendly, courteous service.
  • Tutors will work with students in a conversational manner to improve their understanding of an assignment, develop ideas, revise a given draft, or work on targeted areas of grammar, style, bibliographic citation, or formatting.
  • Tutors cannot write, edit, or proofread papers for students. 
  • Tutors will work on grammar with a student as indicated by the instructor or as requested by the student. Tutors may use, or refer students to, educational software available in the Center to help a student with grammar.
  • Tutors can work on only one writing assignment at a time. Students with several essays need to sign up for separate appointments.
  • Tutors cannot evaluate or assign a grade to a student's paper. Only faculty can evaluate student writing. 
  • Tutors cannot guarantee that student performance in class will improve by a certain grade or percentage points as a result of seeing a tutor (although multiple visits over time often lead to improved writing skills & better results). 
  • Each tutor will fill out a report documenting what took place in the tutoring session.