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Writing Center Policies and Procedures

The Writing Center has new Computer Lab use policies. All new policies are in bold below.

General Writing Center Policies

  • Students must register with the Writing Center each semester.
  • In order to use the Center, students MUST bring their current Mt. SAC student ID each time.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited.
  • Food, drink, and gum are prohibited. Water bottles are permissible.
  • Food and drink must be left in the cubbies at the front desk.
  • Photocopying is NOT available in the Center.
  • Students need to pick up their student IDs before leaving the Center.
  • Skateboards are permitted in the Writing Center ONLY if they are properly stored in the skateboard holding area located in the computer lab.
  • The Writing Center is not responsible for the security of students’ belongings, nor is it responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Computer Lab Policies

  • Students must use one of the services of the Center (tutoring, directed learning activities, grammar software, workshops) to use the computer lab in the Writing Center. Students using the computer lab must be working on Mt. SAC assignments.
  • Students can use the computer lab for an unlimited amount of time on the day they are using a specific Center service.
  • Students with scheduled tutoring appointments can use the lab the week before, during, and after the week in which they have an appointment scheduled.
  • Students waiting for the walk-in list to open may use a computer and can sign up for tutoring when the walk-in list opens. Students who have seen a tutor on a walk-in basis can use the computer lab for one week from their tutorial.
  • Students who accrue more than 2.5 hours of tutoring, workshops, or DLAs will receive a semester pass that allows them to use the computer lab anytime during that semester.
  • TC students may use lab if they have seen their tutor that week but cannot simply print their assignments without having seen the TC.
  • Printing requires coins, cash, a QCI print card, or a credit card.
  • Black and white printing is 10 cents a page. There is no charge for DLA-related printing.
  • Color printing is 50 cents a page.
  • Students should bring a flash drive (USB) in order to save work. The Writing Center is not responsible for any lost work on the computer.
  • MP3 players can be used, but the volume must not distract other students.
  • Students need to take personal items (backpacks, purses, wallets, etc.) with them when they leave the computer station. Any items left behind will be put in the lost and found box at the front desk.
  • Headphones must be signed out at the front desk of the Writing Center.
  • Students must use the specific computers to which they are assigned. If there is a problem with the assigned computer, notify the lab assistant or the front desk. Students who ignore this policy will lose their lab privileges.
  • There is a 20-page limit on printing jobs when other students are waiting. The lab does not accommodate printing on special letterhead, colored paper, or envelopes.
  • Students are not to go on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter while waiting for a tutor.

Tutoring Policies

  • Students may have up to two 30-minute tutorials (60 minutes, either walk-in and/or appointments) per day and no more than six appointments per week. Also, there must be a 30-minute break between tutorials that are on the same day. For ACCESS students, there must be 30 minutes between a 60-minute tutorial and an additional 30-minute tutorial.
  • Walk-in tutoring and WC Online appointments are 30 minutes for all students.
  • Two appointments may be back-to-back (for a total of 60 minutes) for ACCESS students. If ACCESS students would like additional tutoring, they may sign up on the walk-in list for an additional 30-minute tutorial (for a total of 90 minutes).
  • Two appointments may be back-to-back (for a total of 60 minutes) for students with papers of 7 pages or more.
  • Students will be removed from the walk-in list and lose their spots if they do not respond when called for walk-in tutoring. NO exceptions.
  • On the walk-in form, a student must clearly mark his or her computer location or write “waiting area.”
  • Walk-in students may not request specific tutors. NO exceptions.
  • A student who is more than 5 minutes late for an appointment will lose that appointment and be marked as a no-show. Two or more no-shows will result in a loss of appointment-making privileges for the remainder of the semester.
  • Students with online appointments are expected to treat tutors with appropriate courtesy.
  • A student who is not able to use online tutoring to revise a paper may be asked to use face-to-face tutoring.

What to Expect from a Tutor

  • All tutors will provide competent, friendly, courteous service.
  • Tutors will work with students in a conversational manner on any aspect of a paper from brainstorming to grammar and citation.
  • Tutors will not write on, edit, or proofread papers for students. This applies to face-to-face and online tutoring.
  • In general, a tutor will work on only one writing assignment during a session.
  • Tutors cannot assign or predict grades.

Workshop Policies

  • Only students who have signed up in advance are guaranteed tutorial spots.
  • Students who arrive ten or more minutes late will not receive a verification forms for the workshop.
  • A student must stay for the duration of the workshop in order to receive a verification form.
  • Students who text or sleep during workshops will not receive a verification form.
  • Workshop verification is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Some workshops are ineligible for workshop verification forms. See workshop calendar for details.

Unauthorized Use of the Writing Center and Student Behavior

  • Students not registered for the Writing Center are not permitted to remain in the Center.
  • No children are allowed in the Center due to legal and insurance issues.
  • Disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards fellow students or Writing Center staff will lead to a suspension of lab privileges or disciplinary action.
  • Unauthorized use or misuse of any Humanities Division computer system or its components will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Discipline Policy (A.R. & P. 609) and the California Education and Penal Code.

Please note: THE WRITING CENTER CANNOT SERVE AS A STUDY HALL OR STUDY GROUP LOCATION. Students in need of study space are invited to use the library in Building 6. Students in the Tutoring Space (room 1563) may be asked to move to accommodate tutoring. Any tutoring that takes place in the Writing Center must be authorized by the Writing Center.