Title V Grant:  Creating an Equity-minded Campus Culture to Improve Student Outcomes


At this time, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge, and appreciate the peoples, ancestors and land that we gather upon today.  We want to honor the ancestral (an-cest-ral) homelands and traditional territories of Indigenous (IN-dig-in-us) peoples who have been here and to recognize that we must continue to build solidarity and kinship with Native Indigenous (IN-dig-in-us) communities. Mt. San Antonio College is based in the city of Walnut, California.  We honor the Kizh (KITCH) Nation, the Acjachemen (Ash-ee-men) Nation, and the Tongva Tribe.  We would also like to pay respect to the land and life of Indigenous people the Honuukvetam (Hon-ook-vet-ahm), (ancestors), Ahiihirom (Ah-hee-hear-ohm) (Elders), and Eyoohiinkem (EE-oh-hen-kem) (our relatives/relations) past, present and emerging.
We also recognize that this country was built up from the free, enslaved labor of Black people and we honor the history of African Americans and the large impact of their shared culture.  We pay respect to Black life, knowledge, and skills stolen due to White violence.  With this Land, Life and labor acknowledgement, we also recognize a duty to give honor through our work and continue to stand up for justice every day.  Please join us in a moment of silence and collective breath.

ext your zip code to know whose land you are occupying:  907-312-5085 

Questions about the grant can be directed to Kelly Fowler, Vice President of Instruction
or Lisa Rodriguez, Ph.D. Assistant Director, POD & Title V Grant Project Lead

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