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What is a Data Coach?

Data Coaching is a campus initiative aimed at creating a culture of inquiry at Mt. SAC. Data coaches will be part of a cohort of faculty members who will provide direct support to their peers whereby educators work together to analyze student data, identify equity gaps, pilot new instructional strategies, and measure the impact of these new pedagogies on student outcomes.  Imparting this information on a cross-section of the faculty will lead to greater instances of collaborative inquiry at Mt. SAC.

If you are interested in learning more about Data Coaching in general, this open resource Data Coach Training for Higher Education Professionals. Log into Canvas, on the left menu, click on "C" for Commons, search the name of the this course.

Watch the Introduction to Data Dashboard Presentation from Spring 2022 FLEX, (2/17/22) 

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How Data Coaches Contribute to Equity Work

Equity-Minded Curriculum Cohort

In this course, faculty will learn techniques for revising or developing a new Course Outline of Record (COR). By critically evaluating different elements of a COR through a DEISA+ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Anti-Racism and other -ism) lens, we can work towards providing a more meaningful and equity-centered edcuational experience for our students.

If you are interested in learning more about this work, please visit the Equity-Minded Curriculum Cohort website!

Triple R Retreat

Triple R Retreat info

January 19-20, 2024

The Triple R retreat offers self-reflection, data review, and curriculum revision to address opportunity gaps. Activities include workshops, guest speakers, and breakout sessions, that focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice,  anti-racism, and anti other-isms, encouraging a growth mindset for curriculum changes and development.

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The Power of Our Data Conference, 2022

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Listen to the "Creating a Culture of Inquiry Podcast"


The Magic Mountie Podcast, Episode 76


headhsot dr tiffany kuo

Dr. Tiffany Kuo

Data Coach Coordinator
Music Professor
Cara Tan Headshot

Cara Tan

Social Sciences Data Coach
Psychology Professor
Cathy Stute Headshot

Cathy Stute

Title V Senior Research Analyst


Krysten DeWilde Headshot

Krysten DeWilde

Math and Computer Science and Agriculture Data Coach
Mathematics Professor
Loni Nguyen Headshot

Dr. Loni Nguyen

Biology, Chemistry, Arts, Kinesiology, Dance Data Coach
Biology Professor
Dr. Hong Guo Headshot

Dr. Hong Guo

LLRDL and Business Data Coach
Library Professor


Mike Hood Headshot

Mike Hood

Earth Sci. & Astronomy, PEng, Tech. & Health Data Coach
Astronomy Professor


Past Data Coaches

Ned Weidner Headshot

Ned Weidner

Data Coach
English Professor
Tony Rivas Headshot

Tony Rivas

Counseling and Humanities Data Coach
EOPS Counselor
Chris Jackson Headshot

Chris Jackson

Data Coach
Kinesiology Professor


Dan Garcia Headshot

Dan Garcia

Welding Professor