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ACUE Cohorts

Association for College & University Educators

    • About

      Professional and Organizational Development (POD) is pleased to announce a continuing opportunity designed to enhance our campus commitment to faculty and student success. We are partnering with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) to offer its Course in Effective Teaching Practices to a limited number of faculty participants.   The ACUE Course prepares college faculty to use the evidence-based techniques shown to help students succeed and leads to a nationally recognized Certificate in Effective College Instruction endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE). This course is approved for 54 hours towards Professional Growth Increment (PGI).

      The ACUE effective practice framework includes five core competencies grounded in evidence-based research. Equity is the foundational principle of every unit. The Course consists of 25 modules offered online in a cohort model with the guidance of a Mt. SAC faculty facilitator. The course promotes teaching techniques for both face-to-face and online instruction:

      1. How to design a course/lesson
      2. Establishing a productive learning environment
      3. Active learning
      4. Critical thinking
      5. Assessment

      Who can apply? Any full-time or part-time Mt. SAC faculty member is welcome to apply. Approximately 30 faculty will be selected, with the selection process including diversity in gender, discipline, and years of service. 

      What is the Time Committment & Course timeline?

      • There are 25 modules. Average time committment is 2-4 hours/module.

       How will completing this ACUE course benefit my career?

      • You be able to integrate evidence-based teaching strategies into your classes
      • Upon completion of the course you will receive a Certificate in Effective Teaching Practices that is endorsed by the American Council on Education (ACE) and recognized nationally.
      • You will earn 54 hours toward a Professional Growth Increment (PGI)

      For further information about this ACUE course in effective teaching practices, please contact Lisa Amos at Tania Anders or Lianne Greenlee

      For more information please visit:

    • Apply to the Program
      The Cohort application has been closed. 
      • New application call to be announced in Spring 2021
      • This cohort kicks off on August 17th. All applicants are being notified. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Amos.
    • Faculty Feedback 

      What are Mt. SAC faculty saying about the ACUE experience? Quotes from the 1st Cohort (2019-2020):

      • “I have been teaching for 18 years and I have a Master's Degree in Education. This course has reinvigorated my teaching.” Kelly Coreas
      • “This program has really helped me to become a better teacher.”  Tanysha Laney
      • “My students really enjoy going over the syllabus and taking a non-graded quiz about it.” John Blyzka
      • “I would encourage all faculty to take this course!  It is not too much work and it is very valuable.  I especially enjoyed that it is all pertinent to what we do and offers so many strategies that we could apply in our classrooms and with our interactions with students immediately.”  Mary Beth Barrios
      • “It really help me better in lecturing, setting students expectations and getting students more engaged in class.” Antony Pai
      • “I am learning and enjoying taking this course. I like that most is online but we have the opportunity to get together in person too.” Lauren Greenberg
      • “The main impact is a higher level of engagement by the students. I always tweaked my courses however I am now motivated to not be afraid to make changes as needed, including from the perspective how the students achieve the learning outcomes.”
        Sheila Espy
      • “This is the best course I've taken for professional development. I have always been focused on classroom discussions, but this course is allowing me to take it to a new level. I'm excited to be able to use these new techniques in the classroom, and I have been able to see the results instantly when I use them.” Missy Cunningham
      • “I love all the techniques I have learned so far. I'm very excited to implement more this upcoming semester.” Maribel Gonzalez
      •  “I have always tried to come up with engaging strategies for my classes, coming from the hospitality/culinary industry I have no formal pedagogical training. Therefore I am grateful to be a part of this course and excited to learn more strategies that I can take to the classroom.” Shelley Doonan
      • “ACUE is the professional development that I have engaged in to improve my teaching and classroom effectiveness. It has been even more useful that my MA degree when it come to pedagogy. The modules are well organized, relevant, and offer bite size tips that are easy to implement!” Ann Adamiak
      • “Take it. You are less the whole as a teacher without this class.” Chaz Perea