Title V Ends Year 2 of the Grant

By Lisa Rodriguez

October 04, 2021 - 10:29 AM

The grant is in full swing as we launch year 3 (October 1, 2021-September 30, 2022) with all faculty assigned by Academic Senate, a strong cadre of brilliant student ambassadors, dedicated staff, and several scalable projects underway.

The second year (October 1, 2020-September 30, 2021) highlights were:

  • October 2020:
    • Joined the USC Community Colleges Equity Leadership Alliance
    • Presented a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion progress update to Managers
    • Supported purchase of The House on Mango Street for the One Book, One Campus project
    • Presented grant progress to President's Cabinet
    • Celebrated the completion of the Fall 2020 CORA Unconscious Bias and Racial Microaggressions Cohorts 
  • November 2020:
    • Presented grant progress for Expanded President's Cabinet
    • Presented grant progress at the Board of Trustees' Study Session
    • Selected Title V Faculty presented at the Annual Mt. SAC Equity Summit
  • December 2020
    • Hired Dr. Gina Coburn as the Title V Instructional Designer
    • Facilitated Unconscious Bias discussion for Police and Campus Safety department
  • January 2021:
    • Assisted with DEI speaker for Management's Peak Leadership Retreat
    • Launched the Triple MC virtually: Mountie Money Management Center (which completed 34 workshops for students in nine months and five employee financial literacy workshops)
    • Presented grant progress at President's Cabinet
    • Title V was featured in the Mt. SAC Annual Report (page 18)
    • Launched the CORA Unconscious Bias and Racial Microaggressions Cohorts 
  • February 2021:
    • Title V Faculty and Staff presented at Winter 2021 FLEX with more than 30 attendees at each session: Dr. Mica Stewart "What is Your Role in Creating an Equity Minded Campus Culture?", Dr. Gina Garcia (H.S.I. Consultant) "A Framework for Serving Latinx Students", Dr. Tiffany Kuo and Cathy Stute, M.B.A. "Engaging Conversations with Data," and Lisa Amos "ACUE's Course in Effective Teaching Practices."
    • Launched Podcast series "Equity Demystified" - listen on POD's page or Spotify
  • March 2021:
    • Presented equity projects in the Title V Grant at the President's SEEC (Societal Equity in Education Challenge) Summit
    • Supported the Pride Center's Chosen Name and Pronouns Campus Task Force
    • Launched White Fragility Book discussion sessions for Managers
  • April 2021: 
    • Presented grant progress at President's Cabinet
    • All Title V staff and faculty presented at the first inaugural "The Power of Our Data" conference (virtually) with 132 Mt. SAC employees and students in attendance.
  • May 2021:
    • Co-Facilitated DEI in Manager Evaluations
    • Launched data literacy series "Becoming a Data Literate Educator" with 24 faculty invited to the cohort (now open enrollment)
    • Celebrated the completion of 29 faculty in Title V/SEAP/GPS supported "Course in Effective Teaching Practices" by ACUE (the American Association of Colleges and Universities).
  • June 2021:
    • Onboarded Dr. Oli Mohammadi as the Title V Equity in Online Learning Coordinator
  • July 2021: 
    • Closed the second "CORA: Best Practices for Teaching in Community Colleges" cohort with 38 faculty certificates over the two cohorts since Fall 2020.
  • August 2021:
    • Launched new ACUE cohorts
    • Hosted the first inaugural LPDI - Latinx Professional Development Institute by and for Mt. SAC Students. Thirty attended the two day event.
    • Title V Faculty, Students, and Staff selected to present at Fall FLEX: Keynote by Dr. Mica Stewart (Title V Faculty Coordinator for Equity Certification and Professional Development) "Be GREAT!", "Amplifying the HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution Identity at Mt. SAC" Lisa Rodriguez, Diana Felix (Student Development Coordinator), and Title V Student Ambassadors, and "Supporting Students Through Fin Lit Resources" Lisa Amos (MMMC Financial Literacy Title V Coordinator)