CSEA Chapter 262

Collective Bargaining Agreement Documents

This page includes the collective bargaining agreement between Mt. San Antonio Community College District and California School Employees Association and its Mt. San Antonio College Chapter 262 as negotiated in good faith in accordance with Board Policy and as defined by Government Code 3540 et seq.

Voluntary Early Retirement Incentive Program
Tenative Agreements (TA)
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) 
Signed Side Letters

The following appendices are found starting on page 72 of the contract.  These forms are Word documents that can be filled out, saved, and printed.  Because these forms are in electronic format, wet signatures are not required.  Where signatures appear in the forms, type in your name ....

  1. Appendix A Classified Unit A Salary Schedule Assignments
  2. Appendix B Classified Unit A Salary Schedule
  3. Appendix B-2 Special Compensation Categories
  4. Appendix C Classified Employee Evaluation Form
  5. Appendix D Unit Member Work Outside of Classification Job Description
  6. Appendix D-1 Classification Request Form
  7. Appendix D-2 Pay Grade on Special Compensation Request Form
  8. Appendix D-3 Reconsideration Request Form
  9. Appendix E Grievance Form
  10. Appendix F Application for Personal/Professional Growth Benefit Form
  11. Appendix G Application for Release Time During Work Hours to Attend Professional Growth Activities
  12. Appendix H Holidays for CSEA Classified Employees
  13. Appendix I Index
  14. Appendix J Definitions
  15. Appendix K Vacation Utilization Plan
  16. Appendix L Employee Work Schedule/Designation/Change Form
  17. Appendix M CSEA 262 Catastrophic Leave Donation Request
  18. Appendix M-2 Catastrophic Leave Application
Collective Bargaining Governance