Restorative Justice Program

We are excited to announce the Restorative Justice (RJ) Program!   
The Restorative Justice (RJ) program will provide access to restorative practices and tools. The process will examine the harmful impact of conflict(s) in the workplace and/or academic setting and what can be done to repair that harm while holding the person who caused the harm accountable for their actions. In Restorative terminology, "harm" is described as a violation of relationships, ranging from personal to professional to community relationships. Accountability for the offender means accepting responsibility and acting to repair the harm done. Outcomes seek to both repair the harm and address the reasons for the offense, while reducing the likelihood of re-offense. Rather than focusing on the punishment meted out, restorative justice measures results by how successfully the harm is repaired.

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Restorative Practices

Restorative practices include community circles and conferences designed to give employees an opportunity to connect with one another and gain a greater understanding of community needs.

    • Team and Community Building (Prevention/Relation)  

      Team and Community Building (Prevention/Relation) promotes restorative conversations to address concerns within communities or work groups. The goal is to build a supportive, intentional, and equitable community .

    • Restorative Accountability Processes (Intervention/Repair)

      Restorative Processes (Intervention/Repair) respond to concerns and conflict in the form of conversational circles, restorative mediation, or group conferencing to respond to concerns in a restorative manner. This process addresses the root causes of the concerns, includes all impacted parties or groups, supports meaningful accountability for individuals of concern, and promotes healing for concerns individuals, those of concern, and the larger community.

    • Re-Entry Support Circles (Individualized/Re-Integrate)

      Re-Entry Support Circles (Individualized/Re-Integrate) support successful re-entry of employees due to periods of absences. The goal is to welcome members back to the campus community in a manner that provides structured support, and promotes teamwork and achievement for employees to ensure they are a successful and contributing member of their workplace.  



RJ Volunteer Facilitators 

The Restorative Justice (RJ) Volunteer Facilitator applications and nominations are closed. To be included on a waiting list, please complete the RJ Volunteer Facilitator Interest Form. Once the application/nomination process reopens, you will be invited to meet with our RJ Team.

    • About

      RJ Volunteer Facilitators were selected from each employee group with diverse perspectives and experiences. BIOs of our RJ Volunteer Facilitators to come.

      Review Roles & Responsibilities

    • Interest Form
      If you believe you have the ability and willingness to facilitate restorative conversations (e.g. conversational social circles and conferences), please complete the Restorative Justice Volunteer Facilitator Interest Form.  Your name will be placed on a waiting list in the interim.
    • Nominations
      Do you know a colleague that has the potential to be an RJ Volunteer Facilitator? Submit an RJ Volunteer Facilitator Interest Form on their behalf. 
    • Training
      RJ Volunteer Facilitators will receive training on how to facilitate restorative practices whether working to implement restorative approaches or working through concerns.
    • Time Commitment 
      RJ Volunteer Facilitators must be available for up to 60 hours per calendar year.  The 60 hours will include at least 24 hours of training and participating in ongoing RJ Program meetings.  



RJ Program Timeline

  • November 6, 2023 
    • RJ Volunteer Facilitator Applications and Nominations Close
  • November 2023
    • RJ Volunteer Applicant Conferences
  • December 2024
    • RJ Volunteer Facilitators Selected
  • January 2024 - February 2024
    •  RJ Volunteer Facilitator Training
  • Spring 2024 Semester
    • RJ Volunteer Facilitators will offer conferencing and circles


For more information contact Nerissa Uiagalelei, Special Project Manager, HR Investigations and ADA Accommodations, at (909) 274-4414 or