Safety and Risk Management 

As a part of the Administrative Services Team, the Risk Management office supports the mission of the college by protecting students, the general public and employees, and public assets against the adverse effects of accidental loss, at reasonable costs, so the District can provide needed services even after a catastrophic event.



The Risk Management office seeks to meet the needs of the college by:

  • Identifying and assessing the risks facing the college and developing methods for controlling their causes.
  • Assisting the college community in identifying risks and hazards.
  • Developing and implementing loss prevention and control programs.
  • Providing training and education on risk management practices to the college community.
  • Reviewing campus risk management programs and policies, annually.
  • Monitoring and anticipating lapses in contractually required insurance policies.
  • Ensuring contracts and documents are reviewed for insurance, insurer ratings and indemnity clauses.


Risk Management Directory

Name Title Email Phone
Duetta Langevin Director, Safety & Risk Management (909) 274 - 5508 
Andrea Solorzano Risk Management Specialist (909) 274 - 5501
Yadira Santiago Administrative Specialist III (909) 274 - 5504

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