Banner Steering Committee

Purpose & Function

The Banner Steering Committee is responsible for guiding the Banner implementation from an institutional point of view. This Committee does not schedule regular meetings since the Banner system is successfully implemented. If an institutional issue does arise regarding the Banner system, this Committee will schedule an ad-hoc meeting as needed.

The Function of the Educational Design Committee is:

  1. To recommend academic policies, procedures, and guidelines related to curriculum, assessment; the granting of credit, degree, certificate and general education requirements; and other related issues.
  2. To review and make recommendations regarding the appropriateness and need of proposed programs and courses within programs, including adult education offerings.
  3. To review and make recommendations regarding Community Services offerings.
  4. To recommend instructional priorities for the college.
  5. To place courses within disciplines.
  6. To approve course and basic skills prerequisites.
  7. To recommend assessment policies as they relate to prerequisites, selection of instruments, and the setting of cut-off scores.
  8. To review and recommend associate degree requirements, CSU general education certification, and IGETC requirements.
  9. To develop and recommend appropriate sections of Administrative Regulations and Procedures.