Equity Minded Curriculum Cohort

The Equity-Minded Curriculum Convening Group invites you to join our Curriculum Development Workshops for Equity.

About the Cohort

In this course, faculty will learn techniques for revising or developing a new Course Outline of Record (COR). By critically evaluating different elements of a COR through a DEISA+ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Social Justice, Anti-Racism and other -ism) lens, we can work towards providing a more meaningful and equity-centered edcuational experience for our students.

Course Structure at a Glance

    • Starting Week 3 of Fall Semester

      Kickstart or reignite your work on equitable curriculum design.

    • Hybrid Learning Experience

      Flexibility meets engagement in this hybrid class. Dive into thought-provoking modules allowing you to learn at your own pace and join synchronous Zoom meetings to connect with peers and interact with guest speakers to gain insights, share ideas, reflect, and reignite your passion for equity work. New course content is released every two weeks.

    • Craft an Equitized Course Outline of Record and Get Data Coaching

      This course is designed to support you through equitizing a Course Outline of Record (COR),* starting with a customized data check. You'll choose an existing COR to work on throughout the cohort experience, receive your customized data report on that COR, and have the opportunity to work with a Mt. SAC data coach!

    • Bite-Sized Activities with Potentially Big Results

      We’ve designed the course with busy faculty in mind. The course guides you through each step, providing support and scaffolding to help you apply the course concepts and work towards completing the final deliverables.

    • Final Deliverables: Equitized COR and Presentation

      The final deliverables are an equitized COR and a slide deck presentation showcasing your changes. Time to celebrate!

Enroll Today!

Be one of the many catalysts for positive change in your curriculum. Join us today in developing curricula that foster inclusive learning environments!
*Faculty are encouraged to work on a COR. If you are unable to work on a COR, please consult with the cohort facilitators about revising syllabi.


Fall 2023 Facilitators: