Architecture Program

Architecture Program

Architecture Program

Architecture Program

Architecture Program

Architecture Program


The Art of Design, Blended with the Science of Engineering 

Awaken your passion for Architecture. Discover more with Mt. SAC's hands on programs:


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New Constuction Management Program

The Construction Management program prepares students to enter the field of construction management, construction administration, supervision, or other related construction employment. This comprehensive program will enhance the skills of working professionals and introduce entry level students to the range of construction employment opportunities. The program develops contemporary and emerging skills in general construction principles and processes, sustainability, estimating and scheduling, contract administration, building codes and legal aspects of construction, materials and specifications, reading construction documents, and BIM (building information modeling).

Architecture at Mt. SAC provides a foundation for both direct employment in the field or transfer to a broad range of university and professional programs. You'll find our graduates at top universities around the U.S., in leadership roles in their communities, and pursuing fulfilling careers with top employers.

 Architectural education is a complex blend of arts and sciences. Our curriculum offers a range of programs, including A.S. Degrees and 3 levels of certificates. These programs are divided into two concentrations or tracks: design (usually recommended for transfer candidates) and technology (emphasizing workplace competencies).

This curriculum is centered around an academic core of four courses in critical skill areas - design, drawing, materials, and computer-aided design (CAD). We offer some of the finest lab facilities in the state, with state of the art computer labs, leading application software, such as AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Rhino, and a range of output devices, including large format and 3-D printing. Interested students are always welcome – please check out our student gallery and schedule a visit!

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Architecture Program

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