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ADN Application Information

Steps for Applying to the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Generic Program  

There are two application filing periods each year (January 1- March 1 and July 1 - September 1). Applicants can prepare for the filing period by following the steps below. 

    • 1Get a Mt. SAC ID Number (if you don't already have one)

      To do this, Apply to Mt. SAC Now! This can take up to two weeks to process. You need a Mt. SAC ID number in order to apply to the RN program. If you are a current or returning student and already have an ID number, you do not need to apply again.

      Update contact information through Admission and Records by following this link prior to starting the application. 

      All communication with the Nursing Department will be via your Mt. SAC student email. Always check your portal for your Mt. SAC email. Forwarding your email to your phone, personal email, or other electronic devices is not recommended.

    • 2Review Prerequisites and General Education Requirements

      Prerequisites and general education requirements -- Prerequisites must be completed prior to applying to the Nursing Program. Due to the intensity of the Nursing Program it is highly recommended that all general education requirements also be completed prior to entry.

    • 3Review the Multicriteria Screening

      Multicriteria Screening -- This will help you determine your eligibility to enter the Nursing Program at Mt. SAC.

    • 4Preparation of Required Documents

      Using the multicriteria screening form as a guide, compile all required supporting documentation. All documentation must be uploaded in PDF format.

    • 5Apply Online During the Open Application Filing Period

      The online link will only be available during the application periods. Applications will only be accepted during the time frames listed above. Applications cannot be reopened once submitted.  Prior to  submitting your application, you must review all uploaded documents to verify that the documents are legible and clear. Unreadable or inaccurate documents will result in the rejection of your application. Complete unofficial transcripts scanned into the application must have applicant name and all pages of transcripts.

      Submitted application information must be complete, correct, and not withholding any facts or circumstances. All information given is subject to verification. At any time during the application process or during enrollment in the nursing program, discovery of falsification, misrepresentation, or omission of facts are sufficient reason for dismissal.

    • 6Schedule Counseling Appointment

      The top 100 applicants will be notified via e-mail to schedule an appointment with the Counseling Department.  During this appointment, you will need to bring your official sealed transcripts for review.

      (Currently, the campus is closed due to COVID-19.  All official sealed transcripts should be received in Admissions & Records prior to your counselling appointment.)

    • 7Time line for Fall Semester application period
      • Application link open January 1 to March 1.
      • Emails to candidates chosen for Counseling Appointments will be sent during weeks 2-4 in March.
      • HESI testing by invitation only.
      • Counseling appointments occur between March and April.
      • Nursing Admission Committee Review occurs April through early May.
      • E-mails to candidates chosen for Fall Semester sent during the last 2-4 weeks of May.
      • Nursing orientation for Fall Semester between June 15 to July 1

      Note: These are approximate dates and may vary slightly with each application cycle. 

    • 8Time line for Spring Semester application period 
      • Application link open July 1 to September 1.
      • E-mails to candidates chosen for Counseling Appointments will be sent during weeks 2-4 in September.
      • Counseling appointments occur between September and October.
      • Nursing Admission Committee Review occurs between October through early November.
      • HESI testing by invitation only
      • E-mails to applicants chosen for Spring Semester sent during the last 2-4 weeks in November.
      • Nursing orientation for Spring Semester is January 2 to January 15.

      Note: These are approximate dates and may vary slightly with each application cycle