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Admissions Forms and Publications

You can download and read about many of the forms needed for admissions and registration at the links below. If you have any questions about these forms, or can't find a form you're looking for, contact the Admissions and Records office at (909) 274-4415.

Please submit completed form(s) to

AB 540 / California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Application - Use this form if you want to apply to be exempt from paying the nonresident tuition fees.

Application for Admission - Resident and nonresident students should use this link to apply to Mt. SAC.

Application for Certificate - To apply for a certificate after completion of a program.

Application for Graduation / Graduation Petition  - This link will direct you to the Graduation website.

Application for International Students - This link will direct you to our international student website.

College Catalog - Policies, degree requirements, and course descriptions for the academic year.

Duplicate Diploma Request Form - Use this form if you need a duplicate of your diploma.

Grade Option Request Form - If your course allows, complete this form to take a credit class for "pass/no pass" instead of a letter grade. 

Late Add Form - This form is to add a class after the add code has expired. 

Level Transfer Form -  Use this form if you want to transfer to a different course level (for example, BIOL1 to BIOL2). 

Out-of-State Tuition Exemption Request Form - This form is for veterans or their dependents to apply to be exempt from paying nonresident tuition fees.

Petition for Exceptional Action - Use this form if you need special consideration due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control.

Reinstatement Form - If you were enrolled in a class and later dropped (mistakenly by you or professor), use this form to request to be enrolled again in the class.  

Request for Verification of Enrollment - This form is to verify your enrollment/non-enrollment at Mt. SAC for a third-party.  

Request to Change Legal or Mailing Address - Use this form to change your legal or mailing address. 

Request to Change Name, Social Security Number, or Birth Date - This form is to change or correct your name, social security number, or birth date.

Residency Reclassification Form - This is the form you need if you want to change your status from a non-California resident to a California resident. 

Section Transfer Form Use this form if you want to transfer to a different section of the same course (for example, BIOL1, MW to BIOL1, TTH). 

Security Block - If you don't want Mt. SAC to provide your student records to third parties, fill out this request form.

Transcript Evaluation Form - This is the form you need if you want your transcripts from other colleges to be evaluated for course credit at Mt. SAC. 

Variance Form - Use this form if you are requesting variance for a degree, certificate, prerequisite, or credit for equivalent course.