A collaborative and creative environment with state of the art multi-media studio, CAD stations and model shop providing students with a project-based, hands-on learning experience from Ideation to Prototyping. Students will develop industry-driven skills from rapid visualization sketching to model-making, prototype development and technical communication/ drafting. They will learn to use a wide range of software and equipment such as 3D parametric solid modeling and drafting (SolidWorks CAD), CAM software, PhotoShop, Illustrator, 3D printing, laser cutting, manual and CNC machining, vacuum-forming, injection-molding, fiberglass layups, silicone mold-making, sheet metal fabrication, finishing and painting and much more. 

Planning ideas

Reverse Engineering

Improving existing products through careful measurement and analysis.

Students on shop floor

Shop Floor

Student working on concept design

Concept Development

From concept sketch to CAD model to physical prototype.

Using computer aided design software

Concept Presentations

Students use Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator to create formal professional presentations.

Student working on metal lathe

Metal Lathe

Precision machined components are essential. Manual machining is a critical skill for designers and engineers alike.

Prototyping with foam shapes.

Foam Prototype Development

Foam material allows students to experiment with and visualize multiple variations of a product before committing to a final design

Constructing the prototype

Form Studies

Iterative exploration of form to better understand the relationship between form and function.

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CNC Router Project

Students design and build their own custom CNC routers to take home and continue learning!