Learn all about Connect 4 and how to get started for your 1st Fall semester!

Attention High School Seniors! To start at Mt. SAC, follow the Connect 4 Process!

What is Connect 4?

Connect 4 is program for our in-district high school seniors provided by the HSO Team. We help incoming Mt. SAC students through 4 key steps of enrolling at our college:

  1. Applying for the Fall semester
  2. Completing the Assessment Questionnaire
  3. Completing the Online Orientation and MAP Workshop
  4. Registering early for Fall semester classes

 Follow the steps below to get started. Also, for step-by-step  videos on how to complete Connect 4 and to learn how to apply to other support programs visit our YouTube channel. If you have any questions, please contact your assigned HSO Specialist. 

Why Connect 4?

  • Early Registration for your first Fall semester!
  • Convenience! We bring the college to you by helping you with the entire enrollment process.
  • Fun workshops and attend virtual events that introduce students to everything the college has to offer!
  • You will also get personalized attention from your HSO specialist.
  • Get Help! Make your transition to Mt. SAC is SUCCESSFUL!
  • Information and connection to programs & resources at Mt. SAC.

Connect 4 Steps: Fall Enrollment

    • 1Step 1- Apply for Fall

      Apply for Fall admission to Mt. SAC

      1. Watch this YouTube video to apply to Mt. SAC's Fall semester. 
      2. After you apply to Mt. SAC, you will receive a follow up email within 2 weeks of submitting your application. Make sure to claim your Mt. SAC portal to complete the following steps. To learn how to claim your account, watch this video.  Or you can follow the instructions to claim your account
      • If you have issues logging in to your OpenCCC account (this is the account you create to apply to Mt. SAC) then call their Help Desk at (877) 247-4836. 
      • If you have issues logging in to your Mt. SAC student portal, then call the Mt. SAC IT Help Desk at (909) 274-4357. 
    • 2
      Step 2 - Complete the Assessment Questionnaire

      Get placed into Math, Reading, and English classes

      1. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to complete the Assessment Questionnaire . Or you can follow the instructions to complete the Assessment Questionnaire.
      2. Make sure that you have access to your unofficial transcripts when completing the questionnaire, since once you submit it you cannot make any changes. 
      • Do you need help completing the Questionnaire, then you can either contact your HSO Specialist, or call the Counseling Department (909) 274-4380. 
    • 3
      Step 3- Complete the Online Orientation and MAP Workshop

      Complete the Online New Student Orientation and attend a MAP Workshop (virtual or in-person)

      1. To complete the Online Orientation, you can watch this Orientation YouTube video. 
      2. To sign up for a virtual or in-person MAP workshop, you can watch this MAP workshop YouTube video
      • You can also follow the instructions to complete the Online Orientation and sign up for a MAP workshop. 
      • If your goal is to start at Mt. SAC in the Summer, then please complete these steps by the end of  April. This way you can register for your classes in May. 
      • If your goal is to start at Mt. SAC in the Fall semester, then please complete these steps by the end of June. This way you can register for your classes in July. 


    • 4
      Step 4- Register

      Register on your Early Registration date for Fall classes!

      Once you have completed steps 1-3 of Connect 4, then you will be able to register on your early registration date for Fall. 

      1. To view your Registration Appointment, watch this YouTube video
      2. Search for classes before your registration appointment, this way you know exactly what classes to add. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to search for classes, and this Youtube video gives you some helpful tips on registering for classes. 
      3. Next, you will be able to add your selected classes on your registration date and time. This YouTube video shows you how to add classes. Or you can follow the instructions on this PDF to add your classes on your portal. 
      4. After you register for classes, make sure to pay your fees to avoid being dropped from your classes. This YouTube video shows you how to pay your fees. 
      • *Note: Fall semester registration appointments will be available the first week of July.
      • If you need assistance registering, or have other questions, please contact your HSO Specialist. 


Get a head start in the Summer!

Steps After You Register for Classes







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CONNECT 4: Registration Assistance Center (RAC)

Need help registering for classes? Have general registration questions?Need help completing the Connect 4 Steps? Register for RAC via ZOOM or come IN PERSON to receive help and guidance.

Date: Wednesday July 6 and Thursday July 7
Time & Location for Zoom: Log in anytime between 8am-4:30pm.
Register: You will receive a zoom link in your email when you register here or scan the QR code below.

Time & Location for In Person: Walk in anytime between 8am-4:30pm.
No need to register!
Building 9B, Assessment Room. c4rac






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