Elmer Rodriguiz "Continue working until you become the best version of yourself"
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Jesse Lopez "Don't rush, make friends, have fun, explore, and reach out for support"
Summer Bridge Students at Closing Celebration
Jessica Sanchez "Lean on your community, learn from your community, and help your community"
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Sophia Salazar "Don't worry about timelines. Your educational career is catered to your needs, not anyone else"
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Summer Bridge students
Summer Bridge students
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Summer Bridge students

Summer Bridge Program

The Summer Bridge 2024 Application is open!  Apply early! Priority rolling admissions offered through April 5, 2024.

The 2024 Summer Bridge Program will be held June 20-August 1, 2024

The Mt. SAC Summer Bridge Program is a 6 week program that supports *recent graduating high school students  who are first generation college students in their transition to college life, build connections, and get over the fears of college. Students refer to the Bridge Program as a community and family.  

*The Summer Bridge Program is for first time and first generation college students who have graduated from high school within the past two years and have not taken credit college courses.  Fall and spring Bridge classes are open to all Mt. SAC students.

Click on the icons below for more information on the schedule and benefits of participating in the Summer Bridge Program.

Summer Bridge Schedule

June 20 - August 1, 2024

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
8:45am - 10:00am

Learning Community Seminar 80 LCOM 80 (Web/Online)

Introduction to College COUN 1                (In person)

Learning Community Seminar 80 LCOM 80 (Web/Online) Introduction to College COUN 1                (In person)  
10:30am - 1:10pm   ONE General Education/Transferrable Course (In person)   ONE General Education/Transferrable Course (In person)  
1:30pm - 2:30pm  
  • Tutoring Support (required)
  • Study Team Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Registration Assistance for Fall Semester
Enrichment Activities: Guest Speakers/Special Events
  • Tutoring Support (required)
  • Study Team Meetings
  • Workshops
  • Registration Assistance for Fall Semester

Schedule is subject to change. Please check our website regularly for updates.

What are the benefits and resources for students who participate in the Summer Bridge Program?

    • Counseling & Advising

      Support, guidance, and encouragement are offered in navigating majors, educational planning, and personal counseling.


    • Peer Advisors

      A dynamic group of students ready to help! Peer Advisors are students who guide and mentor the incoming freshmen to resources on campus and serve as a "life-line" between students and professors.

    • Textbook Loans & Free School Supplies

      No need to buy textbooks and school supplies! Students will be loaned all textbooks and they simply return them at the end of the program.

    • Complete an academic course in the Summer

      Get a head start in College! The Summer Bridge Program offers academic courses. It is great way for students to work towards college-level courses.

    • Study Center & Laptops

      The Bridge Program has a center with a study area and laptops available for students to use.

    • Activities, Workshops, Guest Speakers

      Learning outside of the classroom! Students will learn about the transfer process, college life and experiences. They will also have a chance to demonstrate their talent at our renowned Talent Show!

    • Supplemental Instructor /Tutor

      Valuable Resources on campus! Supplemental instructors and tutors provide the extra support for students to succeed in the classroom.

    • Eligibility to Promise+Plus Program

      The Promise+Plus Program is a combination of financial and support services to help first-time, college students be successful in their first two years of college.  Eligible Summer Bridge program students that complete the participation requirements, will start receiving benefits in their first Fall semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I know if I’m eligible to participate in the Summer Bridge Program?
      The Summer Bridge Program is for graduating High School Seniors who will begin attending Mt. SAC in the summer. There is no income eligibility, it is open to all who could use the additional support in making the transition from High School to college. We encourage all graduating high school seniors to apply.
    • How do I know what classes to take in the Summer Bridge Program?
      The Bridge Program staff will place you in the appropriate class according to your Summer Bridge application and your math and English eligibility.
    • How do I complete the assessment process?

      Information about the assessment process is available on the Mt. SAC Assessment website Watch this YouTube video to learn how to complete the Assessment Questionnaire.

    • Do I have to enroll in all of the Summer Bridge classes?
      YES. The Summer Bridge Program is a Learning Community which consists of taking all courses linked together.
    • Is tutoring mandatory?
      YES! Tutoring support is mandatory and a great way to help you succeed in your college courses.
    • Can I be absent more than one day?
      It is recommended that you not miss any of your classes; this is an intensive six week summer college program.
    • What about paying for classes?
      All fees are due upon registration, there are no partial payments accepted. The college has a drop for non-payment policy, we recommend that you apply for the 2021-2022 FAFSA or CA Dream Act to help pay your fees. If you are eligible for the California Community College Promise Plus Grant (CCCPG), formerly known as the BOG Fee Waiver, you do not need to pay for classes. The CCCPG waives the enrollment fee and provides a reduced cost for health and parking fees for qualified California students.
    • What is Promise +Plus?

      The Mt. SAC Promise +Plus program  is a combination of services to help first -time students access the life-changing benefits of a college education, whether to get career training, earn a degree or transfer credits to a university.  Benefits include  Early Registration (Fall, Winter, and Spring), FREE $300 Book Voucher, FREE $200 Supermarket Food Card, FREE $200 On-Campus Food Card, FREE Loaner Laptop Computer, FREE from Mandatory Fees, and FREE Mountie Gear, school supplies and more! To be considered, you must complete the Summer Bridge Program and complete all other eligibility requirements. 

    • Why do I need to apply for the FAFSA for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025?

      Each financial aid application year provides financial aid for different semesters:

      1. 2023-2024: This application year will cover your Summer Bridge 2023 classes. We recommend you submit by the end of May 2024 for your Summer Bridge classes to be paid in a timely manner. Final deadline is June 30, 2024. 
      2. 2023-2024: This application year will cover your Fall 2024, Winter 2025 Spring 2025, Summer 2025 classes. Priority deadline is March 2, 2024.

      The FAFSA and Dream Act applications are available online. Mt. SAC’s Federal School Code is 001245.  For FAFSA visit:  For Dream Act visit: