Adjunct Faculty Benefits

Adjunct Open Enrollment:  Employees must enroll within the first four (4) weeks of the start of the spring semester. If the enrollment deadline is not met, you may apply for this benefit the subsequent semester. 

    • Eligibility
      All adjunct professors who qualify under the Affordable Care Act are considered eligible adjunct employees under section 8.F.1 and are not subject to the maximum annual pool limitation. Otherwise, to be eligible for this program, the employee:
      • Must have served the District as an adjunct professor for a minimum of four (4) consecutive semesters, not including summer/winter intersessions, prior to applying for medical and/or HMO dental benefits described herein;
      • Must not be receiving medical or dental insurance coverage through another employer, either directly or as a spouse, domestic partner or dependent; and
      • Must comply with all requirements and procedures of the carrier for enrollment and maintenance of coverage.
      • A break in service of greater than two (2) years will nullify eligibility.
      • Credit adjunct faculty professors must be scheduled to teach at least twenty percent (20% or 3 LHE) of a full-time load.
      • Noncredit adjunct faculty professors must be scheduled to teach at least six (6) hours per week for each primary term.

      Minimum Load Requirements: The employee must meet the minimum load requirement each term to qualify for the programs described above. The parties agree that the District’s primary responsibility regarding scheduling professors and classes is to best meet the needs of students and programs, and that this medical benefits program does not obligate the District to maintain any professor’s load at any minimum level from one term to another.

    • Plans Offered to Adjuncts
    • Application

      The premiums shall be paid through a tax-free payroll deduction, with the District paying 12.5% (twelve and a half percent) of the maximum stated in Article 8.F.1. each month of coverage in a term, up to a maximum of four (4) months per semester. The employee must enroll within four (4) weeks of the start of the employee’s assignment in the fall or spring term of eligibility. If the enrollment deadline is not met, the eligible employee may apply for this benefit in the subsequent semester. The employee may choose insurance for one party, two-party or family coverage, but the cost of the employee portion of the tenthly premium must not exceed the employee’s net pay at the time the coverage takes place. If at any time the employee’s portion of the premium exceeds the employee’s net pay, the employee must pay the District the total expected shortfall for the term within thirty (30) days of notification. Failure to make the required payment will result in termination of the coverage. Participation in this program shall not make the employee eligible for the District’s Retiree Medical Program.

    • District Contributions
      • The District shall contribute a maximum of $6,000 per fiscal year toward the medical insurance premiums for each eligible adjunct professor.
      • The maximum annual pool available shall be $917,000.
    • Annual Funding Pool

      By the conclusion of the fiscal year, if there is a balance in the maximum annual pool, such balance shall be distributed equally among the employees participating in the adjunct employee medical program. The total annual benefit to an employee shall not exceed the actual cost of the annual medical care premium for employee-only coverage in the plan in which the employee is enrolled.

       In any given term or fiscal year, when the number of applicants for medical benefits is projected to result in a cost to the District that will exceed the funds available in the maximum annual pool, the applicant(s) with the earliest hire date as an adjunct employee will be given priority. “Hire date” as used herein means the term and year in which one first rendered paid service as an adjunct professor in the credit or noncredit instructional program of the District. If necessary, when individuals have the same hire date, priority shall be decided by lottery. The District shall not be required to accept applications beyond those covered by the maximum annual pool. No employee already approved and participating in the program in a given term will be “bumped” by this circumstance.

    • Dental Coverage

       Adjunct faculty eligible for insurance as listed in 8.F.2 may choose to participate in an HMO group dental plan through the College at the cost to the faculty member.

    • Health Services Access for Adjunct Faculty
      Adjunct faculty will have access to Student Health Services. The Adjunct Faculty Health and Welfare pool will pay for the services prior to redistribution to enrollees, in an annual amount not to exceed $25,000 as long as the total amount allocated does not exceed the maximum annual pool as outlined in Article 8.F.1.
    • Employee Assistance Program (EASE)

      EASE is a specialized program available to employees - paid for by the District that offers confidential help (no charge to you) for matters such as:

      • Family troubles with spouse or children
      • Emotional distress
      • Drug/alcohol problems
      • On-the-job anxieties and stress
      • Grief, loss, and transitions

      EASE services are not only for you, but also your immediate family members too.  For detailed information regard the EASE Program, please see attached link.

      Employee Assistance Program Flyer

    • Flexible Spending Accounts
       The District shall offer flexible spending accounts (FSA's) for medical, dental, vision and/or dependent care to adjunct and continuing education professors who have three (3) or more years of service and are working at least an average of 40% or 6 LHE of a full-time teaching load.
    • Disclaimer
      The parties agree that the District shall not be held responsible for conditions imposed by regulatory agencies or insurance carriers that are beyond the control of the District.