Communication Studies ASAP Degree

Enrolling in the Communication Studies ASAP Degree allows students to register for
ASAP selected classes and complete their degree in just 1 year.

This plan is fast-paced and completely online!
It may not be ideal for everyone, but it may be perfect for motivated students
who have the dedication and time to complete classes quickly.
Communication Studies ASAP Degree
Proposed courses in the Communication Studies ASAP Degree:

List of classes in Communication Studies ASAP Degree

Communication Studies ASAP Class Descriptions

Summer Fall: 1st 8-weeks Fall: 2nd 8-weeks
SPCH 1A: Public Speaking
    ENGL 1A: Freshman Composition    
     ENGL 1C: Critical Thinking & Writing     
    BIOL 20: Marine Biology  
    SPCH 26: Interpersonal Communication        
    SPCH 8: Professional & Organizational Communication      
      HIST 36: Women in American History
MUS 15: Rock Music History & Appreciation
Winter Spring: 1st 8-weeks Spring: 2nd 8-weeks
POLI 25: Latino Politics in the US
    SPCH 7: Intercultural Communication    
    SOC 130: Intro to LGBTQ Studies
PHIL 12: Intro to Ethics
MATH 110: Elementary Statistics
SPCH 20: Argumentation & Debate
SPCH 6: Group Communication
SPAN 1: Elementary Spanish
ASTR 5: Intro to Astronomy
ASTR 5L: Astronomical Observing Lab
SPCH 30: Intro to Communication Theory