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Speech and Sign Success Center



The Speech and Sign Success Tutoring Center, or SSSC, is designed to help you succeed in both Speech & Sign classes. Access our services by simply Registering Below. Once registered, a Canvas tutoring course will appear in your Dashboard (within 20 minutes). Open it to find resources including Zoom tutoring, workshops, and helpful links.

Register for the Speech and Sign Success Center (SSSC). In 3 easy steps, get access to resources, links to Zoom tutoring, workshops, and much more via Canvas!

1. Write down the 5-digit CRN (or Course Registration Number) that you will need to enroll. The course is free, non-credit, and does not appear on your transcript!  

Summer 2021 Term:
Speech CRN  12368
Sign CRN  12369

2. Log into your Registration page on the Mt. SAC Student Portal by clicking the Portal Registration button below. You will need to select the current term and enter the 5-digit CRN from above.  If you receive a "duplicate" error message during registration, please re-enter the tutoring CRN. The system should override and allow your registration to go through. 

3. If your registration was successful, you will see a non-credit course show up on your schedule. Within 20 minutes, you will see a Canvas course populate in your Canvas Dashboard. From there, click on the Speech or SIGN Tutoring course, browse the videos & links offered 24/7, and connect with a tutor during operating hours listed on the page.  
Again, this course is free, is non-creditdoes not appear on your academic transcript, and does not affect your GPA. It simply gives you access to tutoring and support specific to your coursework! 



Meet with a Tutor (SPCH and SIGN)

Visit the SSSC Canvas Shell (in your Canvas Dashboard) once you have signed-up using the CRN listed on this page.  You will be able to meet with tutors using Zoom/Conferzoom.  

Tutoring (SPCH and SIGN)

We are here to support your success in your Speech and Sign Classes. The most common classes we tutor for are SPCH 1A, SPCH 2, and SIGN 101-105, but if you need help in another Speech or Sign class, please inquire. Below is some of what we can help you with for your classes.

  • Speech
    • Topic Selection
    • Research
    • Main Point Development
    • Outlining
    • Source Citation
    • Delivery
    • Visual Aids
  • Sign
    • DLA feedback
    • Workshops
    • Vocabulary
    • Test Preparation
    • Videos and Tutor Feedback on Submitted Videos

Workshops (SPCH and SIGN)

Each semester, the SSSC offers multiple workshops on topics aimed at assisting students in the speechmaking process. Additionally, SIGN offers level-specific and topic-specific workshops each semester.


We currently have DLAs available for SIGN 101-103. 

Resources (When we return to campus)

  • Video Rooms: The Speech and Sign Success Center has four video rooms for practice, recording, and tutoring.
  • Top Speaker Tips Handouts: The SSSC has handouts that you can take with you to remind you of how to make your presentations the best that they can be.
  • Pronunciation Guides: The SSSC has guides for anyone who wants to work on their pronunciation to make it more like standard American English.
  • Ties and Bow Ties to Borrow: The SSSC has ties that you can borrow to wear during your presentation. Just leave your Mt. SAC ID card while you have the tie checked out.
  • Computers and Printing: The SSSC has touch screen PC computers with recording capability and Microsoft word. We have one printing computer. Students are permitted to print up to five pages a day for free.
  • Software: The SSSC offers multiple computer stations with software needed for your success in SPCH & Sign classes including "Azar" software for grammar improvement, software for pronunciation improvement, Microsoft Word for working on assignments, and internet research software.