A group of students and faculty holding up general chemistry competition banner
Students working hard on questions
President Scroggins and the student winners of the general chemistry competition
Image of audience members looking at screen
Faculty members at the general chemistry competition
Students working hard on questions
Students working hard on questions

General Chemistry Competition

The annual General Chemistry Competition is an event hosted by the Mt. SAC Chemistry Department to encourage and promote chemistry knowledge. All Mt. SAC students are encouraged to participate where they may win prizes.

  • General Chemistry Competition 2023 

    Congratulations to all our winners! Each participant was awarded with a participation certificate and a tote containing a nano-mole, souvenir pen, and pocket periodic table. First, second, and third place winners were also awarded with gift cards and an elemental pin. Thank you to all our participants and sponsors!

A big thank you to our wonderful sponsors and contributors!

This event would not be possible without them!

National Chemistry Week and Southern California Logo

  • Mt. SAC Chemistry Department
  • Mt. SAC Natural Sciences Division
  • Mt. SAC Associated Students
  • Southern California Edison through Mt. SAC Foundation
  • American Chemical Society-San Gorgonio Section

Our 2023 General Chemistry Competition Winners

Image of 1st place student winners

1st Place

Sodium Alginate

  • Lucas He
  • Eric Wang
  • Christina Wang
  • Surya Donath
Image of 2nd place student winners

2nd Place

Total Borons

  • Kendy Chen
  • Minh Hoang
  • Angie Bravo
  • Nathan Sinn
Image of 3rd place student winners

3rd Place

The Activators

  • Maria Mayet
  • Ruyou Zheng
  • Elizabeth Garcia
  • Anthonyedwin Jauregui
Image of 4th place student winners

4th Place


  • Connor Chang
  • Serena Chou
  • Ruby Wang
  • Owen Wells


Image of 5th place student winners

5th Place

The Tetrahedral

  • Khai Truong
  • Perry Nguyen
  • Yhanira Medina Amaro
  • Angelo Legaspi
Image of 6th place student winners

6th Place

Halogen Heroes

  • Joshua Chen
  • Elliot Kang
  • Eric Ai
  • Cristian Garcia