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General Chemistry Competition

The annual General Chemistry Competition is an event hosted by the Mt. SAC Chemistry Department to encourage and promote chemistry knowledge. All Mt. SAC students are encouraged to participate where they may win prizes.

  • General Chemistry Competition 2021 

    Congratulations to all our winners! Each participant was awarded with a virtual participation certificate, nano-mole, souvenir pen, and pocket periodic table. First, second, and third place winners were also awarded with gift cards and an elemental pin. Thank you to all our participants and sponsors!

  • Image of all Zoom participants during competition


Our 2021 General Chemistry Competition Winners

Image of 1st place student winners

1st Place


  • Ayah Chams-Bacha
  • Johnathan Tessler
  • Tiffany Yeh
Image of 2nd place student winners

2nd Place

CHEM 51H Crew

  • Jeremy Cote
  • Khang Vo
  • Andy Lam
  • Emily Taefi (not pictured)
Image of 3rd place student winners

3rd Place

The Triple Bonds

  • Runqiu Wen
  • Evie Chokler
  • Tiffany Liang
  • Nicole Trinh
Image of 4th place student winners

4th Place

Team Carbon

  • Frank Lin
  • Matthew Santilla


Image of 6th place student winners

5th Place

The Ester Bunnies

  • Tan Tan (not pictured)
  • Joshua Vivas
  • Tessa Chan
  • Dema Humoud
Image of 6th place student winners

6th Place

Diene Hexagon Artists

  • Joanne Ancheta
  • Anderson Conellie
  • Kenneth Wu (not pictured)
  • Hugo Seto (not pictured)
Image of 7th Place student winners

7th Place

4 Musketeers 

  • Teri Ng
  • Lisette Martinez
  • Parham Bayati (not pictured)
  • Patrick Saad
Image of 8th place winners

8th Place

Team Hydrogen

  • Terrell Placide
  • Lorraine Jane Lau
  • Jaydon Lee (not pictured)
  • Parvati Rawal
Image of 9th place student winners

9th Place

Team Oxygen

  • Alina Hurtado (not pictured)
  • Phillip Khoury (not pictured)
  • Nicole Sampson
  • Julia Ness
Image of 10th place student winners

10th Place

Entropy Brains

  • Lisa Braga
  • Samuel Myers Mendoza
  • Vanessa Wong
11th place student winners

11th Place

Unicorn Slayers

  • Amisa Ji (not pictured)
  • Mira Samir
  • Nehal Khalifa
  • Alexander Mendez (not pictured)