Chemistry Department Contact Information

Department Chair:                Masoud Roueintan
Department Chair Email:
Department Phone:              (909) 274 - 6690 
Location:                                     Building 7 (2nd Floor), Room 2108G

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    • Faculty
    • Chemistry Placement Exam

      The Chemistry Department offers a chemistry placement exam for those interested. This exam is useful for students who believe they have sufficient background in Chemistry to be successful in Chem 50 without having to take the prerequisite Chem 40 course. You will be given 45 minutes to take the exam. It has 44 questions and a score of 24/44 is required to "pass" the exam and receive clearance to enroll in Chem 50. You will be provided with a calculator and answer sheet to use.


      Students who received a B or better grade in BOTH semesters of a High School Chemistry course AND a B or better in an algebra-type math course are eligible to take Chem 50 and do NOT have to take this placement exam. E-mail the Chemistry Department Chair, Masoud Roueintan, at and provide a copy of your transcript and your student ID number. Once that is verified, you will get a clearance for enrolling in Chem 50.

      Please remember that clearance to enroll in Chem 50 is not the same as a reserved spot in Chem 50. You will still have to follow your registration date and see whether there are any open seats in Chem 50. Your clearance to enroll will last for two years from the semester that you took this exam.

      If you do not pass the exam the first time, you may take the exam again at the next set of offerings (for example, if you took it in Fall 2021 and did not pass, you could try again in Winter 2022 or Spring 2022). If you do not pass after two attempts, it is suggested that you enroll in Chem 40.

      Please direct any questions about the placement exam to the Chemistry Department Chair, Masoud Roueintan, at If you are in need of any reasonable accommodations for your exam, please email the department chair at least 48 hours before your exam date and we will do our best to help. 

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