A student powering up a rocket, a demonstrator inspecting a robot, a student encasing a participant in a bubble
Group of students at the lab bench with lab activity
Student and participants looking at robots
Students and participants engaging in hands-on activities
panoramic view of participants engaging in hands-on activities
Participants and faculty of the Family Science Festival

Family Science Festival

The Family Science Festival is a FREE community outreach event hosted by the Mt. SAC Chemistry Department to promote chemistry and science to neighboring communities. The event typically takes place annually during the Fall semester. Students of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend! 

  • Family Science Festival 2022

    This year's event is on Saturday, October 22 from 10am to 1pm! We will be celebrating "The Chemistry of Fabrics"! Look for activities that dive into the chemistry of fabrics and their amazing properties!

    There will be hands-on activities, demonstrations, tours available. Participants of all ages are invited and encouraged to attend!

    Mt. SAC students are encouraged to volunteer for this fun event!

  • Family Science Festival logo with images of cartoon moles
    • When
      • This FREE event will take place on Saturday, October 22, 2022 from 10am - 1pm.
    • Location
      • Activities are held on the Mt. SAC campus, Building 4 walkway and Science Quad Area (see map below).
        map of family science festival activity location and parking
      • Parking is free in Lot B until 2pm.
      • Directions and maps are at:
    • Questions?
      • Email Professor Jenny Leung with any questions at
      • Email Professor Cuiwen He with any Chinese-speaking questions at