Student Testimonials

Attending Mt. SAC's Theater program has provided me with the correct fundamentals to pursue a career in acting; such as training in active classroom sessions with other inspiring actors, learning the terminology of my craft, and most importantly performing at a level to not only please my peers, but to be nominated and represent the school in the American College Theater Festival. Currently, I have been exercising my craft outside of school and in a more professional environment, which has landed me a pending deal to sign on with an agency that is SAG franchised. Also, I was bumped up from an extra on an AFTRA (American Federation of Television & Radio Association) show and now I am in the union working towards a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card. I landed a supporting role in an independent film that is applying to be SAG franchised. These are small things I have accomplished after my first year attending theater at Mt. SAC, so I cannot wait to come back for a second year to develop my talent even further. The directors here have pushed me far beyond my mental limits, creating opportunities for me to grow and connect with audiences.

Dawne McClure
Theater Student, 2007-08


I decided to go to Mt. SAC to take some beginning acting classes to see if it was something I really was interested in. I had a wonderful time participating in the classes and productions while I was there. The best thing about the department is that you get opportunities to work on roles and productions that you otherwise would have no business doing in the real world and I think its important to get that experience when you're first starting out. It really opens you up and develops your ability to build more rich and full characters. Since moving on from Mt. SAC I have graduated from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York City. I am now working in theatre all over the east coast and with very talented individuals from all over the world. I have Mt. SAC and the wonderful people in that department to thank for steering me in the right direction and giving me the guidance and tools I needed to really pursue this career.

Kenric Green