Our Mission

We believe that live theater is not only culturally necessary for the health and well-being of human socialization and psychology, but also cultivates unique collaborative and narrative communication skills that serve participants across all fields of study - including STEM (although we believe in STEAM - STEM+Arts). Our craft is dynamic and creative, but requires focused training and mentorship. We believe in supporting our students through the following practices:

  •  Instruction - we provide award-winning instruction through focusing on both contemporary theory and practical application. Our students learn from working professionals and collaborate in the craft of live theater through classes, workshops, and five (5) full-scale productions annually, in which students receive exceptional mentorship.

  •  Equity - we are dedicated to fostering the voices of those from marginalized communities through action, not words. Our curriculum includes content and material from writers,artists, and educators of color and LGBTQ+ communities. For more information on our equity practices, please visit us here (link).

  • Production - we understand that the only way to learn the complex craft of live theater(performance, design, directing, stage management, dramaturgy) is by participating in professional rehearsal processes. Our program is tailored to emulate AEA and IATASE regional-level theater rehearsals so that our students are able to transition to a professional work environment with a full understanding of the practices.

  • Transfer and Job-placement - our goal is for our students to graduate with our AA-T degree (and accompanying certificates for focused study) and be able to either take an entry level job at a theater, theme park, film set OR transfer into a reputable 4-year institution to continue specialized training. Our relationships with colleges, Disney, and local theaters allow us to facilitate those transitions for our students with a unique level of success and continuity.

Our students are creative problem solvers that understand the strength of working together as a community. And, often, joining that community starts through education. Become part of our collaborative community today!