Equity in Theater

 As a department with a rich history of highly diverse student demographics, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all of our students. However, as most institutions will admit, there is always room to improve. And, while we have always been dedicated to fostering the voices of those from marginalized communities, it is our intention to do so through action, not words. Some of the concrete actions our department is taking to ensure a healthy, inclusive, and equitable experience for our students:

  •  All faculty will participate in implicit bias training.

  •  All classes will ensure that requisite reading materials will be equitable in terms of gender parity, communities of color, LGBTQIA+ communities, and writers with disabilities whenever possible.

  • At least one annual workshop concerning equity in theater will be provided to students.

  •  An annual, anonymous student survey will be conducted for all majors, allowing feedback on department equity practices.

  •  An annual forum will be conducted between full-time faculty and students in order to facilitate a healthy dialogue and ensure student voices are heard.

We believe that the live theater is a gathering place for all citizens of humanity, and that its lifeblood requires participants to listen to one another’s stories. There is no effective theater that occurs in a bubble of one’s own experience.

We must share our stories. Together.