PHOTO EPIC - The Fall '21 Return to Campus

Fashion students

September 01, 2021 - 08:51 AM

Students pose for a shotThey're back!

For the first time in three semesters, a broad range of students returned to campus following the 17-month closure of Mt. SAC due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A very different looking campus awaited their return...

Perhaps the most striking visual change was seeing everyone in masks. Masks are now required for all students and employees indoors. 

Students wearing masks cross campusPhotography student with mask lowered beneath chin


But they are optional outdoors, especially if no one is around. 



Most students, however, are wearing them indoors and out.



Students with masks

Students with masks It can be hard to gauge people's emotions through a mask or even to recognize a friend. These students sure look happy to us.



Wearing a mask is one of the sacrifices made to try to resume a normal pre-pandemic life.

Student studies outside wearing mask

Sometimes the masks come off just to smile for the camera.

Smiling students pose for photo

You can't blame them. They're happy to be back and photo-ready.

Smiling students pose for photo

But as soon as students walk indoors, the masks must go on.

Masked student in art studio

COVID-19 signage in front of bookstore



Signage, to this effect, is found everywhere across campus.







COVID-19 vaccination and testing centerVaccination and testing centers will be ubiquitous this semester on campus, with the requirement that all students and employees must either be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing.  

Such precautions are why things are much more normal than they have been for the past year and a half. Masked student walking hallway

Students walking next to construction gatesThe other big visual change to the campus: Construction.


Construction has caused many detours throughout campus, and students are encouraged to plot routes using the online campus map and the numerous directional signs all over.


Directional signage on campusThis student is walking in front of the upcoming Student Center, which is coming along nicely. 

Student in front of construction

Students traveling down Temple Ave. will notice an overpass under construction. This will take students from the new Parking Structure S, on the southwest corner of Temple Ave./Bonita Dr.,  over to a new Transit Center, which is also being built. 

Student points to the pedestrian bridge under construction

Another bridge under construction will link that new Parking Structure S with a soon-to-come Gym and Aquatics Center. 

The bridge to the aquatics center under construction

Lot S (labeled as "Gateway Parking Structure" on the campus map) is now open and ready to use. The elevators are not yet in operation, so the first floor is reserved for handicap parking.

Parking Structure S

Further down Bonita Dr. on the south side of Temple is yet another new parking structure: Lot R (labeled as "Champion Parking Structure" on the map), right in front of Hilmer Lodge Stadium. 

Parking Structure R

This structure is also open and ready to use. It even tells you how many spaces are available in it. Since many students don't know about these two new structures, they are quite empty right now.

Mostly empty Parking Structure R

The top floor, or roof, of Structure R hosts the campus' new tennis courts, which students have been using. 

Student hits a tennis ball/ cars parked in background

Evidently, the courts are a great spot to kick back between classes or wait for practice. 

Students in bleachers of the tennis courts

As mentioned, the Gym and Aquatics Center is roaring along, as is the under-construction Heritage Hall, to be located right next to the Stadium.

Heritage Hall construction next to the Stadium

Heritage Hall (foreground) and a Gym and Aquatics Center are both under construction

Other new athletics facilities are done and awaiting the students' return, including practice fields, a world-class track and football field, and all the new training facilities inside of the stadium.

Students train inside Stadium's weight room

We caught track teams training in the Stadium's weight room, which is chock full of brand new high-end equipment. 

Students train inside Stadium's weight room

Another great new spot to kick back is, evidently, in the shadow of the massive new digital sign in the Stadium. 

Student in shadow of Stadium digital sign

But you can't beat the nicely air conditioned Library for a place to study between classes. 

Student studies in LibraryStudents study in Library

Students on his phoneAnd when you do see students between classes, do not be surprised if they are on their smartphones. But who isn't these days? 






Students on thier phones in a hallway

Students on their phones

In class, it's a different story. Masked-up and paying close attention is how it's done in Microbiology

Masks worn in Microbiology class

Microbiology class

Always make sure you read materials handed out on the first day of class very carefully and save them. Studying a course's requirements is the first step in Anthropology class.

Student reads materials

 A tool briefing begins Stagecraft class. Although the pandemic severely affected live events, it is doubtful it will keep people out of theaters and event centers for long, and it will be up to these students to build the sets, props and stage dressings. 

Stagecraft class

Good thing classes are once again in person, as Aircraft Maintenance would be very hard to learn online. 

Aircraft Maintenance class

It really looks like a fun class.

Aircraft Maintenance class

People will always need something to wear. In-person Fashion classes are where it's at.

Student designing fashion

The flapjacks are looking on-point for these Culinary students. 

Culinary students show off their pancakes

This student practices his cello before a music class.

Student plays cello

The pandemic has reinforced the adage that "there are always jobs in health care."

Psychiatric Technician Program students

And we have never needed paramedics more than we do now.

Paramedic class

Fire prevention classOur currently-burning-out-of-control state will definitely need these students learning fire prevention.




The Mt. SAC Interior Design program produces award-winning students, as the recent Dunn-Edwards 2021 Emerging Professionals Design Competition showed.

Interior Design class

We found Professor Niki Tran's class engaged in their work and freely moving between designing on paper and using a design software application.

Student in Interior Design class

In Beginning Painting I, Instructor Jason Ramos gives his students a foundation to enrich their lives through art. 

Beginning Painting class

And we can't let you forget that we have a fully functioning farm, with both an Animal Science side, as well as a Horticultural program. Many majors and certificates are available in each.  Whether you learn how to operate farm equipment...

Student operates tractor

Or just learn to repair the farm itself...

Student repairs livestock pen

Our farm is a place where you can learn a career, devoid of cubicles and Zoom meetings, and find happiness working with the Earth and all of its beautiful plants and creatures. 

Student with breeding horse

Student with "Time to be Great" shirt



In the spirit of showing you, not telling you: One last picture to inspire the students this 2021-22 school year.  Good luck to you all!