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Math 130 College Algebra

Note: We encourage you to consider taking Math 130 + Math 13, a corequisite support model designed to provide additional topics and resources for success in College Algebra.

Here are some samples of what you will learn in your Math 130 class.

  • Skills that Would be Helpful in Math 130


    Evaluating Functions

    Solving Quadratic Equations

    Graphing Quadratic Equations

    Systems of Equations

    Solving Logarithmic Equations


  • Sample Topics You Will Learn in Math 130

    Summation Formulas


    Graphing Functions

    Systems of Equations

    Matrix Operations

    Solving Exponential Equations

    Zeros of Polynomials

For additional college algebra help, please visit the Math Activities Resource Centers (MARCS) or the Academic Support and Achievement Center (ASAC).