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Math 110 Elementary Statistics

Through active participation in this class, you will gain (or improve upon) such skills as critically analyzing data and asking thought-provoking questions that enable you to uncover the story that is being told; applying your newfound scientific and ethical framework to understand and make sense of statistical research; and thinking beyond the data to identify the implications of a study for past, present, or future analysis.

Note: We encourage you to consider taking Math 110 + Math 11, a corequisite support model designed to provide additional topics and resources for success in Elementary Statistics.

Here are some samples of what you will learn in your Math 110 class.

  • Skills that Would be Helpful in Math 110

    Order of Operations

    Evaluating Expressions

    Solving Linear Equations

    Plotting Ordered Pairs

    Operations with Fractions

  • Sample Topics You Will Learn in Math 110

    Graphical Representations of Data

    Classical Probability

    Binomial Probability

    Hypothesis Testing

    Least-Squares Regression

For additional statistics help, please visit the Math Activities Resource Centers (MARCS) or the Academic Support and Achievement Center (ASAC).