Math Support Resources

The Mt. SAC Math and Computer Science Department wants to help ensure you are on your way to successfully completing your math requirement! Many students find math challenging, so here are some supports that are available to you at Mt. SAC.  Whether you are currently enrolled in a math class, or planning to take a math class in the near future, we have support options to help you take charge of your learning and prepare for success.
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  • Currently taking a math class?

    Explore the options below for support services to help you succeed in your transfer-level math class!

  • Brushing up on some math skills?

    Explore the options below for resources to help you prepare for your next transfer-level math class!

      • Jumpstart Modules

        Jumpstart Math Modules

        Join the free MATH Jumpstart Canvas Shells, created by Mt. SAC math faculty, with topic-based modules that include refresher videos and practice problems to review at your own pace.
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        For All Other Courses

        Signup links for various other courses coming soon! Fill out the interest form below to receive a notification when they are ready.

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        Please note that this resource is only available to registered Mt. SAC students.
      • AIME Courses

        Academic Intervention for Math and English (AIME)

        AIME offers free noncredit 2-4 week review courses that help you brush up on your math skills without impacting your GPA. Classes are offered at various times throughout the semester, and you can register for them through your student portal.
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        Courses Regularly Offered:
        • Math Prep for Math 100/105/120
        • Math Prep for Math 110
        • Math Prep for Math 130/135/140/150/170/180
      • ALEKS Codes
        ALEKS (Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces) is an online learning program that helps you refresh your math skills and adapts to your individual needs. Contact Professor Baochi Nguyen for information about obtaining free access to ALEKS for 6 weeks.
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