Noncredit Learning Resources

Adult Basic Education Lab

Provides students with basic skills support in reading, writing, math, and language through small group classes, individual study, and computer aided instruction.

Building 30, Room 111
(909) 274-4935

Language Learning Center (LLC)

Offers computer, web, and other media resources for students learning English as another language as well as those studying foreign languages.

Building 77, Room 1005
(909) 274-4580

Learning Assistance Center

Serves students who need to review pre-collegiate skills in math, reading and writing.  Also offers study techniques and speed-reading.  The Learning Lab is a computer-media lab available with access to word-processing, email, database/web research, PowerPoint, and course related materials.  Basic skills software for math and language is also available.

Building 6, Room 101
(909) 274-4300

Writing Center

Offers writing workshops and Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) to assist students in developing specific writing skills.  

Building 26B, Room 100
(909) 274-5325


Provides students athletes with individual tutoring, study groups, and access to academic resources

Building 45, Room 1430
(909) 274-4239