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Noncredit Basic Needs Assistance Application

This process will connect you with the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor. The Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor can help by identifying and connecting you to resources such as emergency aid, affordable food, housing, school supplies, technology, transportation, childcare, mental health care, and personal care items. 

  • This form is to request housing navigation support, CalFresh assistance, Basic Needs Vouchers, and if available, emergency financial grant funds. 
  • This form schedules you with the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor.
  • Submitting this application does not automatically guarantee all services applied for.
  • This tool is used to assess eligibility and to gather information prior to the student meeting with the Noncredit Basic Needs Resources Expert/Counselor.
  • Most services are currently only available for actively enrolled students.

What to expect after submitting this form?

  • Upon completion of this form, you will receive a confirmation message via email indicating your selected appointment date and time. You will also receive an email that has the calendar invitation so that you can either join the meeting virtually or come to the Adult Basic Education Building (Building 30) during your scheduled appointment.
  • Your application is assigned to the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor who will meet with you virtually or in person for a 45-minute meeting.
  • The purpose of the meeting is to become more familiar with your situation, connect you with additional resources based on your situation as well as collect information to assess for eligibility of services that you are requesting.
  • Once your meeting is complete the information is reviewed by the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor and Leadership team which includes the Director, Basic Needs Resources Program.
  • You will be contacted via email about the status of your request once you have met with the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor. A follow-up meeting may be necessary for additional support.
  • For any questions or follow-up on your request for assistance please contact the Noncredit Basic Needs Expert/Counselor Paulina Serrano.