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Note: The campus no longer offers placement tests. Please contact the American Language department at for placement. 

American Language Department

The American Language Department (AmLa) equips non-native English-speaking students with the language skills they need to succeed in academic and professional endeavors.  AmLa offers basic skills, credit courses in reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar, and it emphasizes critical thinking and cultural competency throughout its curriculum.

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Take AmLa 1A! 🔰

UC/CSU transferrable, degree applicable course

Freshman Composition for English Language Learners
Benefits of taking AmLa 1A:
  • Professor and Tutor in the Classroom (TC)
    • Trained to meet ELL writing and reading needs
  • Feedback on assignments
    • Designed for ELLs to improve writing
  • Revision Strategies
    • Help ELLs with the writing process
  • Curriculum for ELLs
    • Includes metacognition, cultural touchstones, and American college success strategies

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student with Joe Mountie

Students may enter AMLA courses through placement on the Mt. SAC Assessment Questionnaire or through the completion of noncredit ESL Levels 4, 5 or 6 or VESL of the Mt. SAC ESL Department. Students completing AMLA 90 - Accelerated Developmental Writing for AMLA are eligible to take AMLA 1A,  ENGL 1A, and ENGL 1A/80. 

 Accommodations can be made for students with medical, family, or immigration-related emergencies.


Reyna Grande and students

Author's Visit

AmLa and the Equity Center collaborated to host award-winning author Reyna Grande during Mt. SAC's FirstGen Week. Grande discussed her experience as an undocumented English learner and the success of her memoirs The Distance Between Us and A Dream Called Home. 

olga haybeb award

5th Annual Celebration of Our Adjunct Faculty

American Language (AmLa) would love to recognize our adjunct professor, Olga Habayeb. This is her 30th year teaching part-time for the AmLa department, and even though we have changed our whole program in response to AB 705, Olga has been eager to learn the new technology and pedagogy to help her students.

Olga is so very deserving of this!

smiling AmLa faculty

Professional Development

American Language faculty are actively engaged in campus, state, and national professional development opportunities to  stay current on the factors involved in student success and achievement. 

Our Professors

  • Elizabeth Casian
    Department Chair
  • Barbara Mezaki

  • Alejandra Pulido
American Language Department

Building 66-229
(909) 274-5790
Elizabeth Casian