Transition From Sedentary To Physical Work

By Risk Management

July 28, 2020 - 09:57 AM

Best Practices

Sedentary is defined as spending extended time seated and taking part in a minimal amount of physical activity. Your body gets used to the amount of physical demand placed on it each day. It can take time to acclimate your muscles to an increase/decrease in activity. The following list can assist you with transitioning back into your job duties after a sedentary period:

Moving Cart

  • Do stretching exercises daily—before, during, and after work. With all exercise, please contact your physician as to what stretches are best for you. Buddy up with co-workers to do your stretching.
  • Rehydrate yourself hourly.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Break up strenuous work into shorter time periods.
  • Alternate work assignments.
  • Take turns operating machinery.
  • Rotate staff or tasks after breaks.
  • Avoid repetitive work.
  • Keep your work area free of trip hazards. Good housekeeping can help prevent a slip/trip/fall injury.
  • Be patient. Do not be in a hurry. Take your time and work as a team when lifting, cleaning, and performing other tasks.
  • Squat – Lock – Lift! Keep your back straight, tighten your stomach muscles, eyes forward, and chin up during the lift. 
  • Use carts, hand trucks, furniture dollies, and other moving equipment to safely move heavy/bulky items.
  • Take your 15-minute break, lunch, and mini-breaks. Mini-breaks should be 3-5 minutes once every hour.

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