Steve Lancaster

Stephen Lancaster

Professor: Mathematics

Building: 61-1610
(909) 274-4562

MA — The University of Oklahoma
Ph.D.The University of Oklahoma

Stephen Lancaster

Stephen Lancaster has been a professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department at Mt. SAC since 2011. He enjoys hiking and working at his family’s ranch in Oklahoma. He has published a chapter in an International Statistics Education text, co-writing the chapter Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Statistics with Spanish University Professors Assumpta Estrada and Carmen Batanero.


Current Class Schedule:
Name Course ID Title CRN Units Days Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Building / Room
Lancaster, Stephen MATH 70S Integrated Interm Algebra 22195 5 TRF 08/27/2018 12/16/2018 09:45AM 11:20AM 61 2316
Lancaster, Stephen MATH 110 Elementary Statistics 22362 3 TR 08/27/2018 12/16/2018 03:00PM 04:25PM 61 3310
Lancaster, Stephen MATH 110S Integrated Statistics 22363 5 TRF 08/27/2018 12/16/2018 08:00AM 09:35AM 61 2316
Lancaster, Stephen MATH 110 Elementary Statistics 22407 3 TR 08/27/2018 12/16/2018 04:45PM 06:10PM 61 3310