Jorge Basilio

Jorge Eduardo Basilio


BS – University of California Los Angeles

MS – California State University Long Beach

PhD – Grad Center, City University of New York


Jorge Eduardo Basilio

My name is Dr. Jorge Eduardo Basilio and I am a full-time professor of mathematics at Mt SAC; however, I've been teaching math for over a decade at both large public schools and also small private liberal arts colleges. 

I am passionate about student success and am eager to help in any way that I can. I want you to remember my course policies are carefully chosen to balance high standards with understanding/leniency to ensure your success.

I am trying to stay research active and I study how manifolds with positive scalar curvature converge (see my website for details and my research papers). I would love to discuss potential projects and get students involved in research! Just drop by my office hours anytime (be it in person or virtual).

Some of my interests include about all things coffee (like espresso), playing my electric guitar at unreasonably loud volumes, and UCLA Bruins.

I've lived in many places: Argentina, So Cal, and NYC.