Information Technology Support During Covid-19 Campus Closure:

  • For all remote work requests, laptop loans, and other technology and accessories requests, please use the SmartSheet form here:
  • Your request will be evaluated fulfilled based upon VP approval, priority, campus need, and funding.
  • If you want to work remotely, please make arrangements with your manager. The IT department CANNOT authorize you to work remotely. If you want to be able to work remotely, please do the following.

 Before you leave campus with a computer, please be sure to:
1)     use Software Center (Windows) and Self-Service (macOS) to install 'Check Point' and 'Zoom'. Your computer has to be connected at Mt. SAC network (wireless is OK anywhere on campus). We are unable to install the VPN client for you once you leave campus. VPN software can only be installed on campus-owned devices.
2)     log in to the device before it leaves campus to cache the login information

 We also recommend that you sign up for ConferZoom to get free Zoom account upgrades. Sign up For upgrading free Zoom accounts, please email and ask to convert the account to the Education license.

 We recommend using OneDrive for your documents and files. OneDrive is easy to use for collaborating with your coworkers. All employees have OneDrive enabled in the cloud, and the OneDrive app is installed and enabled on all Windows computers (simply search the Windows start menu for “OneDrive” and login using your portal login in an email format like