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Mt. SAC Canceling Classes

Health Alert

March 16, 2020 - 05:32 PM

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Mt. San Antonio College is canceling ALL classes (both in person and online) from Tuesday, March 17 through Saturday, March 28, after executive action by the Board of Trustees.

This will allow faculty time to transition as many in-person courses to an online format as possible. Individual faculty will communicate with their students the specific plans for each course. In addition, the library and computer labs will be closed to prepare for increased online instruction and services.

During the two-week transition period, the college will remain open for students and closed to visitors. Student Services, including financial aid and counseling, are open during the transition. College practices are being modified to provide for more distance between individuals as well as fewer individuals being in a room or lab at one time.

There are no known cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) on our campus. Mt. SAC is implementing these changes to prevent the spread of the disease.

  • Classes canceled from March 17-March 28
    • To provide faculty time to transition the majority of classes to online, ALL classes are canceled from Tuesday, March 17, through Saturday, March 28.
    • Students should stay in communication with their instructors and stay up-to-date by checking their student portal and Mt. SAC email.
    • Students taking courses in ESL, Adult Basic Education, High School Programs, Older Adults, Short-term Vocational, and Community Education will receive more information this week from their instructors.


  • Transitioning online
    • Most classes will be online when they resume.
    • Individual instructors will communicate with students about the status of each class and how future classes will be conducted.
    • Some hands-on classes and labs cannot be transitioned online. However, college practices are being modified to provide for more distance between individuals as well as fewer individuals being in a room or lab at one time.
    • Most student support services will remain open and available for students from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • During the transition, the library, tutoring and computer labs will not be available.


  • SAC is still open – though modified
    • Until we are advised to close the campus, Mt. SAC remains open with modified operations to allow for social distancing.
    • SAC is severely limiting events through at least May 2. Special events and activities, field trips, athletic events, and performances that are open to students and guests have been cancelled, modified, or postponed.
    • All offices in Student Services, library and tutoring centers will be open.
    • Employees are advised to keep a 6-foot social distance and to not make physical contact with students.
    • Many services are available online and by phone.


  • All students and employees are cautioned to not come to campus if they feel ill
  • Students who don’t have their own doctors should CALL the Student Health Center to review symptoms. They will conduct an assessment over the phone at (909) 274-4400.
  • Some individuals, such as those in the high risk categories, need to take additional precautions.
  • To encourage sick individuals to stay away from campus, faculty and supervisors are encouraged to provide flexibility for students and staff, as well as minimize any penalties for absence due to sickness.


  • Access to a computer and Wi-Fi
    • Students have been sent a survey on the portal home page asking about their access to a computer device and internet/Wi-Fi and whether they will need to access computer labs and tutoring assistance at the college. Please take the survey!
    • SAC is developing procedures to assist ALL of students, including those who may not feel prepared or comfortable learning through an online teaching method.
    • The college is also exploring ways that students can have access to a computer and internet service.


  • Dropping classes
  • Students may withdraw from classes if they no longer wish to take classes this semester.


  • Financial Aid and Veterans’ benefits
    • For now, as long as students stay enrolled in classes, there should be no interruption in receiving funds. Students should be sure that they are registered with Bank Mobile in order to access financial aid funds and refunds.
    • If a student drop classes, they can jeopardize their status to continue to receive federal financial aid and veterans’ benefits. At present, the college does not have authority to waive penalties for dropping classes, but are staying up to date if this should change. Consult these offices for further information.


  • Will Mt. SAC fully close?
    • If the public health department or other government agency or directive tells us to completely shut down, we will do so, and we will keep you informed.
    • For now, the college is working diligently to keep students and employees protected.
    • The college is working to be prepared in case the entire college must be shut down.


  • Can I still come to campus?
    • As of the date of this posting, the campus is still open to students, but not to visitors. We have not closed.  All service programs and departments will continue to remain open. Please note the library and computers labs will be closed to the public to prepare for the online transition.
    • If you have a job on campus, please contact your supervisor to see if you are still able to report to your work site.



  • Keep up-to-date with what is going on


  • Computer labs are open
    • After the two-week transition period, computer labs will reopen to students. Visit this website for hours:


  • Online support services available now
    • Online Counseling:
    • Join the Mountie Student Hub inside Canvas, too, so you can access information about your classes and services (both on campus and online)

       Online support services available after the 2 week transition:


  • Potential ways to gain free internet access

 The following information is being provided in case this will be helpful to you.

  • Comcast is offering two free months for new users who qualify:
  • Spectrum is offering 60 Days of broadband for K-12 households and college students. Call (844) 488-8395
  • Charter is offering 60 days of internet service for K-12 and college student households. Call (844) 488-8395


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Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Guidance: