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Math 50 Pre-Algebra

  • Sample of what you should know before taking Math 50:
     1. Express as a decimal:  six and one fourth percent
     2. Evaluate: negative five eighths divided by open parentheses three fourths minus three halves close parenthesis quantity squared
    3. Evaluate: negative two times start absolute value six minus eight end absolute value
     4. Evaluate: open parentheses negative five plus three close parentheses quantity cubed times square root of thirty six
     5. Evaluate: negative seven plus eight times open bracket negative five plus open parentheses three minus 4 close parentheses close bracket
  • Sample of what you will learn in Math 50:
     1. Simplify: open parentheses four x cubed minus 9 x minus 17 close parentheses minus open parentheses 18 x cubed plus 6 x squared minus 12 close parentheses
     2. Simplify: open parenthesis negative five eighths x squared close parenthesis times open parenthesis negative four sevenths x cubed close parenthesis
     3.   Solve: one eighth plus x equals 5 sixths x minus 2 thirds
     4. The sum of seven times a number and 2 is 11 decreased by twice the number.  Find the number.
     5. Find a simplified expression for the area and perimeter of the following shape.
    Rectangle with height x plus 1 and base 2 x plus 3