MARCS Resources

Click any of the options below to view the MARCS resources for your current or upcoming course.

    • Tutoring
      In person Tutoring
      The MARCS (Math Activities Resource Centers & Support) is located on the first floor of building 61 and offers drop-in tutoring for all courses offered by the Math Department.  Tutoring is available Monday-Thursday 8:30-7:00 and Friday 8:30-3:00 (closed on Fridays during Winter and Summer intersessions).  No appointment needed!
      Online Tutoring
      The ASAC (Academic Support and Achievement Center) offers online tutoring for certain Math courses. 
      Students needing special accomodations
      ACCESS (Accessibility Resource Center for Students) provides support for students needing additional accommodations.  
    • Textbook and Calculator Borrowing
      Textbooks are available to borrow while inside the MARCS.  Solution manuals are also available for select courses.
      Calculators are available to borrow and may be taken to class.  The following calculators are available:
      • TI 30X IIS two-line Scientific Calculators
      • TI 84+ Graphing Calculators
      • TI  30XS MultiView
      • Four-functions Calculators
      Calculators must be returned to the MARCS the same day they are borrowed.  For calculators at home, see below.
      Online Calculator Apps
      Check with your instructor to see if a specific calculator is recommended for your class.  The MARCS recommends the following:
    • Prepare for your Course
      Prepare for your upcomming Course:
      In person review courses
      Mt SAC offers Math and English preparation courses through the Adult Basic Education Department.  Visit the AIME website to learn more and register.
      Online review courses
      Join the free MATH Jumpstart Canvas Shells, created by Mt. SAC math faculty, with topic-based modules that include refresher videos and practice problems to review at your own pace.


      Additional self-paced review
      The course series below offer videos, practice problems, and other support materials to help you review and prepare for your upcoming course (powered by Khan Academy):
    • Recommended Video Series
      Online Video Series
      The following video series may be helpful to support your current course.  Note: these videos are not created by Mt SAC and should not be watched in lieu of your class lectures.  
    • Computer Software and Worksheets
      Computer Software
      The MARCS Computer Lab is available to all Mt SAC students.  Services include:
      • Free math tutoring
      • Support with your Math computer project
      • Software to support your math or science course
      • Cameras to attend Zoom classs
      • General computer access and support


      Handouts and Worksheets
      The MARCS has a variety of handouts with instructions and example problems.  Handouts and worksheets on various math topics are freely available in the labs and are also available for download via the following links.
    • MyMathLab Codes
      To use MyMathLab or MyStatLab you must obtain an access code.  The access code may be purchased online or bundled with a textbook.
      Using your access code, register for the Course ID that corresponds to your current course.  These Course IDs are for general use and should not be used in place of your instructor's Course ID.
      Course ID
      Survey of College Mathematics - Math 100 until 8/27/25
      (Miller 15thed)
      Statistics- Math 110 until 8/21/25
      (Triola 14thed)
      College Algebra - Math 130 until 8/21/25
      (Lial 13th ed)
      Trigonometry - Math 150 until 8/21/25
      (Lial 12th ed)
    • Other Campus Resources
      Student Resources | Mt. SAC Online
      Numerous resources to support students who are studying remotely.
      • Laptops
      • Hotspots
      • Microsoft Office
      Mountie Student Hub in Canvas
      The Mountie Student Hub is a new resource to connect students with the information and Mt. SAC services they need from where they are: in Canvas! In the Hub you will find:
      • Useful Canvas info for students
      • What to know about taking online courses at Mt. SAC
      • Links to many helpful campus services & resources for students
      • Videos about cool locations and people at Mt. SAC
      • Connections to Mt. SAC news and social media
      Canvas Student Support Center
      The Canvas Student Support Center is a course shell in Canvas that Mt. SAC students can self-enroll into, where they can get support on learning how to use Canvas. In addition to static resources in this shell, Mt. SAC students can also receive support from our Mt. SAC Canvasadors, student employees whose job is to support other students in the use of Canvas at Mt. SAC.
      Basic Needs Assistance
      • Financial Emergency Grant Funds – one-time emergency grant due to a crisis/emergency situation.
      • Housing Navigation Support – longer-term housing resource.
      • Basic Needs Vouchers—Food, Gas, Hygiene or Clothing Vouchers.
      • Food Resources- CalFresh Application Assistance.