What is a Student Learning Outcome?


A Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is a measurable outcome statement about what a student will think, know, or be able to do as a result of an educational experience.

SLOs are designed and developed by the stakeholders of the course, program, or institutional unit; the assessment of SLOs within the instructional area illuminates the ways in which students learn. SLOs must be measurable so that the difference between the expected achievement and the actual achievement can be identified and narrowed. While the content of an SLO is dependent on the substance of the course, program or instructional unit, five primary traits will always be present: (1) Alignment, (2) Central, (3) Feasible, (4) Meaningful, and (5) Measurable. However, even though the content of courses and programs is relatively static, course and program outcomes may be fluid and revisable.

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