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It is with great pride that Dr. Martha Garcia supports the President’s Awards for teaching and learning. These awards honor Mt. San Antonio College employees’ work in the assessment of administrative unit objectives (AUO), student learning outcomes (SLO), program learning outcomes (PLO), or institutional level outcomes (ILO).

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Applications due: July 1, 2024
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      ILO #4 Personal, Social, Civic and Environmental Responsibility
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    • 2Criteria & Rubric

      The President’s Awards recognizes faculty, managers, and staff that use authentic outcomes assessment practices to improve teaching and learning in support services, courses, and programs.  Use the Outcomes Assessment Worksheet as your supporting documents on the application form. Successful applications shall provide evidence and a reflective summary to demonstrate the service area, department, or program implemented
      the following: 

      1. Exemplary Outcomes Statements
      Exemplary outcomes statements clearly state what students will know, think, or do as a result of activity. 

      Multiple assessment methods utilized, including direct and indirect assessment methods. Assessment methods are aligned with intended outcome.

      3. Reflect/Collaborate
      Evidence of thoughtful reflection and departmental collaboration. Discussion shall reflect on assessment data and results, including the connection of assessment results and curriculum changes or resource requests. Discussion may also reflect on and strengthen assessment methods. 

      4. Action/Follow-up
      Action steps identified and implementation planned.

    • 3Application
    • 4 Selection Process

      Submission due July 1, 2024. Outcomes Committee will score applications with the rubric provided.

      Awards will be presented at Fall Flex Day.