President's Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning


  • Outstanding Basic Skills Effort:

    Statway Implementation: Professors Scott Guth, Paula Young, and Akira Nitta
    For using student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment in the creation of courses, which increase throughput from Elementary Algebra through College Level Math and address student equity issues with regard to successful completion of general education math requirements among all ethnic groups.

  • Outstanding Curriculum Effort:

    Paralegal ProgramProfessors Catherine McKee, Martin Ramey, and Abby Wood

    For creating and refining student learning outcomes (SLOs) and program level outcomes (PLOs), which support Paralegal students’ development of educational plans, legal knowledge, and job-search skills.



  • Outstanding Basic Skills Effort:

    Adult Basic Education Department

    For their improvement of teaching, learning, and
    service delivery through the systematic assessment
    and discussion of administrative unit objectives
    (AUOs) and student learning outcomes (SLOs)

  • Outstanding Curriculum Effort:

    Professor Richard Strand, Theater Department

    For initiating the College’s outcomes mapping process by developing outcomes mapping for the AA-T Theater Arts program and sharing his mapping experience with colleagues across campus

  • Personal Innovation:

    Professor Solène A. Halabi, World Languages Department

    For using various methods to gather data and improve teaching and learning within her French courses and across the World Languages Department


  • Outstanding Basic Skills Effort:

    Summer Bridge Program

    For effective outcomes assessment work resulting in increased persistence, success, and retention rates for underserved students

  • Outstanding Curriculum Effort:

    Communication Department

    For creating a departmental structure for assessing course-level, program-level, and support services outcomes, resulting in meaningful resources and improvements for students

  • Personal Innovation:

    Professor Martin Mason, Physics & Engineering Department

    For his effective and dynamic pedagogical approach in Electronics 10 that couples project-based learning with authentic assessment in a way that integrates critical thinking with documentation and presentation skills


  • Outstanding Basic Skills Efforts:

    Library, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning Division Retreat: An Inclusive Approach to Outcomes Assessment

    The Library, Learning Resources, and Distance Learning Division held three exemplary division-wide retreats focused on connecting the outcomes assessment process and planning and improvement.  These sessions provided a forum to discuss planning, means of assessment, use of results, and the opportunity to highlight outcomes-related accomplishments.

  • Outstanding Curriculum Efforts:

    The Learning Assistance STDY Discipline Committee

    The STDY Discipline Committee faculty created Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) in their Student Success courses focused on improving students' Locus of Control, assessed those outcomes, and then used the data to create new curriculum and interventions to improve the success of Mt. SAC students.Insert column two content here

  • Personal Innovation:

    Professor Robert Bowen, Music Department

    Prof. Bowen exemplifies the work of a master teacher through quality instruction and curriculum development, which has resulted in a trebling of the number of students completing the music-theory sequence and has helped to increase the transfer rates for students of music.

Honorable Mention - 

Outstanding Curriculum Efforts:  Mt. SAC Information Competency Workshop Pilot Program

Pauline Swartz and Nora Shea developed information competency workshops to help students "learn academic research strategies, resources, and more." They provided Library faculty with an outstanding model of how to develop curricula and assess learning objectives, as well as how to engage colleagues in both processes.


  • Outstanding Curriculum Award:

    Evelyn Hill-Enriquez and the American Language Department

    Congratulations to the Evelyn Hill-Enriquez and the American Language Department, who will receive a $2,000 award for their outstanding use of SLOs in its Accent Reduction courses.  The SLOs measured students' self-knowledge of their pronunciation strengths and weaknesses and confidence in communication.  The department used the results
    to (a) facilitate student/instructor communication,
    (b) create course requirements to ensure basic pedagogical standards, and (c) used resources to establish a digital-recorder library for student use.

  • Personal Innovation Award:

    Professor Stacy Bacigalupi, Psychology Department

    Congratulations to Stacy Bacigalupi who will receive a personal award of $1,000 from the Foundation for her outstanding leadership in SLO development in her department (Psychology) and across the campus. She was nominated by her department for her outstanding work, which included (a) providing samples to her department from other colleges, (b) leading departmental discussions on SLOs and "use of results" following data collection, (c) championing SLOs in her department, and (d) leading an "SLO Fun Day" with her co-chair, Misty Kolchakian.



  • Outstanding Basic Skills Efforts:

    Math Department Professors - Dolores Chavez, Heidi Parra, Gary Long, Melody Summers, Christine Sun, Cameron Troxell, Kambiz Khoddam, and Phebe Hosea

    Headed by Gary, this team won the award for
    excellent work in teaching/learning basic skills
    courses and in aligning course sequences.
    Specifically, their project was aimed at increasing success rates in two developmental math courses--
    Pre Algebra (Math 50) and Elementary Algebra
    (Math 51)--using two fundamental treatments: providing student access to professor-created educational math videos and proactively striving
    to create a sense of community.

  • Outstanding Curriculum Award:

    Professor Jonathan Hymer, Electronics Department

    The Curriculum and Pedagogy Award went to Electronics Professor Jonathan Hymer for performing excellent work at the program or course level that has led to improvements in curriculum design or course delivery.