Administrative Unit Outcomes

How to write an AUO

Administrative Unit Outcomes (AUOs) are measurable outcome statements concerning the fundamental functions of an administrative unit and the resulting services provided to clients.

Five core attributes are essential to ensure the AUO statement will yield actionable data allowing for improvement.

  • Alignment: AUOs must be aligned to the goals of the unit (e.g., the Counseling unit might have an AUO such that: Students will be satisfied with on-line counseling services which ties directly to their goal that the Counseling department will: Develop and implement counseling interventions to enhance retention and student success). Additionally, goals are not to be confused with activities or tasks; goals are the outcomes you would like to achieve as a result of performing a task or activity. Alignment ensures the annual planning efforts of departments are supported by evidence generated through the SLO assessment process.
  • Central: AUOs must be central to your unit. This will ensure the greatest amount of buy-in from various individuals and thus, have the best chance of being completed and will enable the widest impact on the client experience.
  • Feasible: Look at your resources (human, time, technological, etc.) and determine whether the AUO and its assessment is feasible. Is it likely that the process could be accomplished or not?
  • Meaningful: How important is the AUO to the unit? It is recommended that you select something that your unit is curious about, something that will make a positive impact for your students or clients, and something you will be interested in starting and completing.
  • Measurable: AUOs must be measurable to yield actionable data. To help ensure the AUO is measurable, it may be helpful to refer to the actions verbs.