Name Office Location Email Phone
Jennifer Hinostroza 80-2301J (909) 274-4876

Brian Scott 
(Department Chair)

80-2301H  (909) 274-4539 
Chaz Perea 80-2301F (909) 274-5892

Support Staff

Name Office Location Email Phone

Jesus RamirezHorticulture Operations Specialist

F2-A 1 (909) 274-4694
Irma Arvizu, Horticulture Production Assistant F2-A 5 (909) 274-6440

Horticulture Unit Office

The Horticulture Unit office is located in Building F2-A, and is the base of operations for our plant sales and our horticulture production laboratory.

Name Office Location Email Phone Fax
Horticulture Unit F2A-1 (909) 274-4893 (909) 468-4052

Department Office 

Name Phone Office Email
Department Office 909-274-4540 80-2301A
Department Office Fax 909-274-3917