Frequently Asked Questions

    • I don’t have a computer. Can I manually fill out my application and turn it in?
      We require all applications to be typed before they are turned in. Our current application can be found online at . If you are unable to access a computer at home, you may want to consider utilizing one of the computer labs on campus. Please contact the Fire Technology office if you are unable to find access to a computer.
    • Do I need to turn in any other information with the completed application?
      Yes. If you have completed fire classes at a college other than Mt. SAC, we ask that you turn in a copy of your transcripts with your application. In addition, you must turn in your EMT course completion record, along with documentation of our final grade. Please call the Fire Technology office or refer to if you have any questions regarding required documentation.
    • When does my application need to be turned in by?
      The application period for the Basic Fire Academy will be accept first day when the Spring or Fall Semester begin, and conclude approximately 6 weeks later. Please refer to Don’t wait until the last minute; make sure to give yourself plenty of time to fill out the paperwork and gather the required documentation.
    • How should I turn in my application?
      Your application should be submitted in-person to the Fire Technology Office. This will allow the office staff to look at your application and let you know if you’re missing any important documents.
    • Does turning in my application guarantee me a spot in the next academy?
      No. The top 36 candidates will be chosen from the pool of applicants to fill the academy. Applicants will be ranked based on the following criteria: completion of all prerequisite courses, ability to complete the physical agility test within the 20 minute time limit.
    • What happens after I turn in my application?
      Once the application period ends, the office staff will review all applications to verify completion of prerequisite courses. Email will then be sent out to all applicants who meet eligibility requirements. This email will provide with instruction as to what to do next.
    • Will you keep my application on file if I don’t make it into this academy?
      No. The Fire Technology department does not hold applications for future academies. If you are unable to get into the upcoming academy for any reason, you will need to complete a new application for future academies.