Fire Academy Students spraying water at fire.

Fire academy students spraying water at fire.

Fire Academy Students posing for picture in front of fire

Mt. SAC Fire Academy Students

Using the jaws of life to cut into a vehicle

Fire academy student using the jaws of life to cut into a vehicle

Fire Academy Gear in standing formation

Fire academy gear in standing formation

Students folding gear, and students climbing ladder on smoke house.

Students folding gear, and students climbing ladder on smoke house.

Basic Fire Academy

Mt. San Antonio College offers a full-time Basic Fire Academy every Fall and Spring semester. The academy hours are from 4:30a.m. to 7:00p.m. Monday through Friday for 15 weeks. The approximate cost for supplies, school registration, uniforms and safety gear is $1800-$2200. ( Mt. SAC Basic Fire Academy do not accept any station sponsorship for students) This estimate does not include the cost of classes.

Mt. SAC’s Fire Academy is a regionally accredited institution. Upon completion of the academy, a Firefighter I Certified Trained certificate will be issued along with other academy certificates. After six months of employment as a full-time firefighter, the Chief of your department must request a Firefighter I Certificate from the CDF/State Fire Training.

How to Apply

Prior to applying to Mt. SAC's Basic Fire Academy, students are required to take the following fire classes:

  • FIRE 1: Fire Protection Organization    
  • FIRE 2: Fire Prevention Technology    
  • FIRE 3: Fire Protection Equipment & Systems    
  • FIRE 4: Building Construction for Fire Protection                            
  • FIRE 5: Fire Behavior & Combustion                                              
  • FIRE 13: Fire and Emergency Service Safety and Survival

Most fire classes meet once a week for three hours a semester. Students will receive three units for each course completed with a "C" or better. Students must retake any class for which a "F" or "W" was earned before they will be considered eligible for the Basic Fire Academy.

In addition to the six fire courses, the following prerequisites must also be met prior to acceptance into the Basic Fire Academy:

  • EMT (Emergency Medical Technician): EMT certification may be taken at other colleges or at Mt. SAC. 
  • KINF- 51 or 52: A minimum of one semester is required. It is recommended that students take this class every semester until the academy begins in order to achieve and maintain an optimal level of physical fitness.

Once all required prerequisite courses have been completed, students may submit their applications for the Fire Academy.


Mt. SAC Basic Fire Academy Video

75th Basic Fire Academy
(Spring 2023):


The  75th Basic Fire Academy (Spring 2023) - Application will be accepted commencing IN PERSON on Monday, September 26, 2022, at 9 am and end on Monday October 10, 2022 at 3:00 pm. 

The Entrance Exam will be offered on  Friday November 4, 2022 and Saturday November 5, 2022. If the applicant get invited, you must attend both days of the mandatory entrance exam to be eligible for the 75th Basic Fire Academy. 

All the supporting documents must be attached such as a copy of EMT Certificate or unofficial transcript from other school when submitting a completed Fire  Academy application to the Public Safety Office IN PERSON in Bldg. 28B Room 208. 

 If you have any questions, please email the Public Safety Programs staff at and

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