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Program Requirements

Major (S2105) and Certificate (L2105) Information

The Fire Technology major has been developed to offer pre-employment education for the undergraduate who desires to enter the field of fire technology. It also provides the employed firefighter the opportunity for a professional education. Students intending to pursue a bachelor's degree (transfer program) should consult with a counselor or advisor to discuss transferability of courses. Students may also earn an associate degree from Mt. SAC by taking general education courses along with the certificate. 

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Requirements for the Major and the Certificate

Required Courses ("core" class):

FIRE 1 Fire Protection Organization 3.0 CSU
FIRE 2 Fire Prevention Technology 3.0 CSU
FIRE 3 Fire Detection Equipment and Systems 3.0 CSU
FIRE 4 Building Construction for Fire Protection 3.0 CSU
FIRE 5 Fire Behavior and Combustion 3.0 CSU
FIRE 13 Principals of Fire & Emergency Services Saftey and Survival 3.0 CSU

AND  Select two (2) courses from:

FIRE 6  Hazardous Materials/ICS 3.0 CSU
FIRE 7  Fire Fighting Tactics and Strategy 3.0 CSU
FIRE 8  Fire Company Organization and Management 3.0 CSU
FIRE 9  Fire Hydraulics 3.0 CSU
FIRE 10 Arson and Fire Investigation 3.0 CSU
FIRE11  Fire Apparatus and Equipment 3.0 CSU
FIRE 12  Wildland Fire Control 4.5 CSU
EMT 90  Emergency Medical Technician 10.5 CSU 
FIRE 86 Basic Fire Academy 14.5 CSU   
KIN-F 53 Physical Training for Basic Fire Academy 2.5 CSU

TOTAL UNITS: 23.5 - 43